The dreads.

*sitting in a chair with calves-to-feet part of legs horizontal on top of desk*

What a funny way to sit, right? No, it's playful! It di-rectly reflects the mood I'm in right now. Why? I'll tell you!

Last night Cute Boy called to inform me that he would be in town later and, "what would [we] like to do?" Eeeeeeee! *excitement!* Don't worry, I still got my homework done - take THAT, school!

He arrived during the 9 or 10 p.m. hour, I finished building my model, and then we watched The Pursuit of Happyness - it was good and it felt good to just take a couple of hours to forget school and enjoy time with my boy. :o)

So school was really good today. During our programming class I sketched an idea for the building we're designing in studio and I think I can make it work as my final design! I hope so, because that would rizzock! After programming, I went back to studio, worked on my drawings and then class started. It was totally laid back today - our crit just walked around and gave some feedback. Only bad part was that he wants me to draw with a lead holder pencil (left) rather than my trusty set of mechanical draft/matics (right; click for larger view). Nooooo! I drew with the lead holder, though under protest, until my teacher left the studio - then I was right back to my draft/matics! I made it into the program using them, why should I switch now? They're awesome pencils - if you were wondering. They're heavy enough, too, to feel "quality" while you're using them unlike how cheap-o pencils feel. Plus, you never have to stop and sharpen the lead! A technique that drafting people use, is that we rotate our pencil with our fingers while we are drawing lines - this keeps the tip sharp - and it works better with mechanicals, in my opinion. :oP

So then I came home and now I'm getting ready to have a fun night out! For once, our homework load isn't overbearing this weekend, YAY! Also... Did you think you'd ever see me with dreads?


But these are not true dreads! (I like to wash my hair, thank you! LOL.) No, but I have this putty stuff that I am going to use to dread-up my hair tonight. Why? For giggles - besides, when you normally don't do your hair or makeup all "fancy", it feels good to have some change - it livens up your mood! I swear by the physics of this! Heh-heh. I'll try to take a picture, though that will be difficult as my camera was sent out for repairs this week. :o\ Hopefully Cute Boy will have a camera he can use. And then... you're gonna have to be one of my MySpace friends - or you ain't gon' see 'em!
Okay, Cute Boy just called, so bye! :o)

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