Easter Sunday begins.

Welcome to Easter 2007!

I don't know why it got that exclamation point - part of me feels that it doesn't deserve it, but that's just me being in a pessimistic mood, eh?

So Requiem for a Dream wasn't bad, it was just weird. I like weird movies. Let's just say, though, if you haven't seen it, and you're queasy about slightly disturbing and/or raw-type of movies, maybe you shouldn't watch this one. :o)

But now I'm watching The Butterfly Effect - which I have also never seen. I was told by an ex-friend that it's a "must see" movie. It better be good, dang it. LOL.

Later today, I am going to meet extended family members of Cute Boy for Easter celebrations - kind of excited, kind of nervous. I don't think I've really cared as much about if someone's family likes me as much as I do this time around. Everything is different - everything means so much.

Right. Back to my movie then.

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