My brain is a big ball of moosh right now. I had my final studio review yesterday and I only slept one hour the morning of... and four hours the morning before... and I'm not quite sure how many the night before that - if any at all... see what I'm getting at here? The last two weeks have been grueling and here's why!

  • Severe lack of sleep (I'm talkin' anywhere from 0 - 4 hours per night)
  • Eating only 1/4 of meals because your stomach ends up kicking you if you try to feed it
  • Waking up from what little sleep you just got and immediately thinking about your project
  • Not being able to fall asleep, even though you only have 1 hour to sleep, because you keep thinking about your project
  • Three other classes to manage at the same time - which all have projects of their own and finals approaching
  • Life to manage at the same time

Yar! It's just been one blur of time for the last two weeks. At least I think it was two weeks - it might have been three. See?! I don't even remember!

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