Ow, my brain...

Only 13 days until studio is over - woohoo! Then I can breathe again! And sleep again! I'm so excited! I'm also excited because Cute Boy is coming down here again this weekend!

Easter Sunday with his family was fun - they are totally laid back and real. None of that fake "I love you because you're family" crap. Woo!

Things I'm not excited about:
  • having to redesign my studio project building - just because my professor and section classmates liked that version of my project better. Ploop.
  • feeling so stressed out that my muscles are tense.
  • a car of the same make and model to mine was stolen today only ~130 miles from where I live - that's too close to home for comfort. *fear* :-\
  • shuffling money around to make ends meet.
  • annoying bishes in my class - they treat others (especially me) like they could care less if a wolf had just knawed off my feet and I couldn't get help; I seriously think at that moment, they'd still talk about how much they love their own eyes.
  • my architecture history project - too much of our grade is counting on the well-being of this project. *sigh*
  • having this many things to be not-excited-about. :oP

In other news! I'm working on that redesign mentioned above. It's going alright so far. I'm sure my professor and classmates will make try to change something else tomorrow. They have a habit of doing that right after you've spent 12 hours on one drawing. Ploop.

Okay, so back to it then!

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