Thrice Rice Pwnage, booya! :o)

HAHAHA, I just pwned three ricers! Now, I'm not one to actually street race - that's dumb; quarter mile races are dumb; and NASCAR is super-dumb. So there I was, [not street racing, and] cruisin' down the road at 40 mph - the posted limit, crazy, right? Heh-heh-heh. Well, there was a normal car in front of me in my/the middle lane and a normal car to my rear left. Oh, and the best part... the three ricers that are out cruisin' together as a team [insert mock "go, team!" hand gestures of idiocy here] are somewhere to my right and rear-right.

So I don't street race, right? It's for suckers, right? Knowing that I had clearance to change from the middle to the left lane, I down-shifted into 2nd (from 40 mph mind you, heh-heh), the car screamed those wonderful Honda-engine-sounds, I signaled and switched to the left lane, but then I backed it off immediately so as not to appear to any might-be-lurking cops that I was racing. Almost instantly I hear the "roar" of the three ricers and see them zoom ahead using the right lane. I didn't do anything except giggle like mad - ricers are so easy to provoke! :o) That's why it's more fun [and rewarding] to just make the ricers think you want to race - that's when the giggles come [from meeeeeeee! :o)].

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