Red means STOP.

Last night.

FREAKIEST crap of my life. OF MY LIFE.

I was in traffic at a red light, and there were two left turn lanes and two straight lanes. I was in the left turn lane on the right side of the two and second in line behind an SUV; nobody was in the left-most turn lane. So I was just sitting there minding my own business and enjoying a CD when: *CRUNCH* *SMASH* *CRUNCH* a Toyota Prius flipped through the air and landed to the left of the turn lane I was in... and a Grand Am (that I think caused the accident, but I am not sure because I didn't have a full view of the scene) ended up smashing the car (1st in line in the left-most straight lane) hood-to-hood!

Like bats out of Hell, five-or-so people rushed the cars to see if everyone was alright and people started gathering on the street corners and doing the (to mimic Dane Cook) , "I heard it so I came out," pointing-guestures and comments. Surprisingly, the people in the flipped Prius were alright and the people in the other two cars required medical attention. I, thankfully, did not get to stay and watch the aftermath unfold, as I had to get out of the way for the medical crew.

But still. Freakiest thing I have ever seen (live anyway, there's a lot of messed up stuff in movies, etc). Okay, people, so don't go acting like idiots while driving! Just DON'T! Is it really worth it?!?!?!


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