It's Blunday!

Yay for Blunday! No... Actually, today wasn't that bad of a Monday. Cute Boy left shortly after noon and headed back to his town for class. Then I got ready and booked it to school. Actually, there really wasn't any booking, perse, because I didn't give a flying F*** if I walked in after the professors were "talking". Their habit these days has been to start class late (by an hour or so), thus wasting our educational time. How am I supposed to respect them if they aren't respecting our dedication to be there on time to learn... from them. Bastages.

So after studio I went to my car in the parking garage (yeah, I drove to school even though I can technically walk there... take THAT environment! actually, my parking permit is paid for so I might as well use it, eh?) so I could go to the library's parking garage (there's no way I'm walking across campus alone after the sun sets, are you crazy?!), and upon start-up, my car idles funny and throws a CEL (check engine light). "YARRR!" <---(the sound my brain made) So I plugged my laptop into the car and managed to get the CEL code... "Speed sensor wha-?" Bah. So after turning off the car and restarting it, it was fine. *shakes fist at R-box* The CEL was probably caused by me messing with things on a daily basis, but, eh, whattayagonnado?!

In the library, I went from floor to floor looking for the d*** architectural section. The library isn't very clear about where it places things... That and there are a LOT of f-ing books to navigate through. So finally, after finding a map on the end of one of the bookshelves, I managed to nav my way to the arch books where I started to find ones that would suppliment the church I'm critiquing for my project. I couldn't find anything more than few-page articles on the church, as it was built in 2000. *huff* But yay for Richard Meier! (Google him if you want to know more about this cool architect man.) I checked out 9 books!

So then I came home and unloaded the car (there's a lot of stuff to carry too and from school, ugh)... and came inside to find out my Roomy's dad had replaced our toilet! YAY! It recently started leaking...

And I checked my email to find out that the flower company is sending me new tulips free of charge because the ones for Valentine's Day (from my parents) got stuck in the snow hold-up back East, didn't make it here on time, and were kinda wilty. YAY FREE FLOWERS! Aw, Double Valentine's Day!

Today is Mandies' birthday! Happy 25th Birthday to you, Mandies!

Tomorrow is K's birthday, so Happy Birthday to him! It is also Janeal's birthday! YAY, birthdays!

Okay, I seriously need to start working on this homework that is due tomorrow at 11 a.m. Maybe I'll update more after I finish it. Bye!

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