Weekend of Freedom!

Cute Boy's back in town, YAY! Last night he went to hang out with some of his friends because one of them is visiting from out of town for this weekend only... and yeah, so a few hours were sacrificed for him to see his buddies.

Butthenhecameover! :o)

We're planning on going out tonight, I'm so excited! It's gonna be "our big night o' fun" since he had to bail for those few hours last night. Aw, how sweet. I can't wait until 6pm! Move faster, time! MOVE FASTER! :o)

In other news, school is a bitch. I mean... yeah, school is a bitch. HA-HA! We just had a grueling three weeks on this last project, including a week (which happens to be last week) from Hell with projects due every day amongst the four classes.

My fish fought this week. My cichlids. This is not good. Two of them had a mouth-fight. They were biting each others' mouths and one of them got injured a little. *huff* Fish from different continents (actually, it's my fault for mixing the continents... cuz I didn't know you couldn't!) = fighting. HAHA. After I moved out of the apartment, they haven't been the same. They are afraid of the fish tank light that never used to phase them. They literally scatter and hide when it comes on.

My family will be down here next weekend for a bone marrow reunion picnic. It's been 10 years since Lees-er had her transplant (this May 23rd), YAY for technology saving my little Lees-er! So I'm excited about that - I hope my dad doesn't have to work. I want him and for him to see our newly built studio! That place is nice. It is sad that my year of students will have to spend our 3rd year in the old building after it's done being renovated. :o( But for 4th and 5th year, we'll be back in the new building! I know this stuff bleeds over from the Architektin site, but I'm too lazy to just go post there today.

Why? Because this weekend happens to be the first weekend in many where I have NO major projects to be working on. I am taking FULL advantage of that if it kills me. :o) Things I'm considering for this weekend:

*doing my taxes
*doing my FAFSA
*washing R-box (my car)
*recalibrating R-box's computer
*taking photos of random things
*going to a hockey game
*baking cookies
*having some wine
*my history bibliography

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Blogger H M MuRdOcK said...

yes, occasionally i still do. it had been sorta awhile.

u have been making alot of anti-nerd comments the last couple months. what's that all about? especially in regards to this jeff and the engineering department. hey: 'we is what we is'. besides, engineering and architecture = not that different.

25/2/07 13:30  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

I love nerds. I am a nerd. You're taking crazy pills!

Architecture and engineering are not that similar. Thanks for playing.

25/2/07 17:55  
Blogger H M MuRdOcK said...

oh yeah, ask anyone who is neither. majority almost always wins.

crazy pills, mmmm.

4/3/07 22:22  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

"Anyone who is neither" = people that don't have the in-depth knowledge of the two fields like those that study it do.

I think that architects and engineers will never agree that their professions are not that different. If they weren't that different, why would the two fields exist - wouldn't they just have eventually coincided over the years?

I'm not trying to further an argument, just stating that that is how I have perceived things in my experiences with architects and engineers. Usually neither one of them ever has anything good to say about the other.

But what's wrong with architects and engineers having distinct fields for distinct reasons? Nerds unite! :o)

26/3/07 02:03  

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