Oh, these crazy days!

Mmm... what a nice Saturday so far. Slept next to my boy, had the windows open all night so the fresh air came in, the sound of the fish tank was soothing... Mmm, relax-y. :o) It feels weird to have some free time mixed in with homework again. It's like what The Normals (non-overwhelmed collegiate peoples) have to do for school. It's kind of nice and kind of weird. Things are starting to feel normal again, although it took two days before I didn't feel like I was going to die from severe lack of sleep/water/food/sanity. Thanks, architecture. Ha.

So as I mentioned above, Cute Boy is in town again - the last time was two weeks ago. I can't handle the withdrawls! Talking on the phone isn't nearly enough, you know? Spending all of my time with people that I do not really enjoy (my classmates) makes everything more difficult - especially when I'm upset about school and all I can do is call The Boy rather than drive to his house and whine. I guess that shows you how attached I've become in the last few months. :o)

Summer is approaching and hopefully the Cute Boy withdrawls will lessen. I will probably be working for my dad at his office and The Boy might be working an internship (in-state, but not in the same town *slight huff*). This means I'll be living at my parents' house for the summer - kind of an exciting proposition, kind of a scary one. Once you've lived alone, it's definitely difficult spending months under your parents' roof. YAR. Lees-er, we've gotta clean out the whole garage. ;o) Our cars must learn to share!

Ugh. My room is so messy right now! (And see, I can't even transition my paragraphs for crap right now... brain too mooshy...) I was embarassed for Cute Boy to see it because I've done so well at keeping it clean since we've met (and before, really), but the last two weeks = cleaning my room was NOT a priority, ha ha.

I think it could rain today. It's overcast and windy, thus, the enjoyment of good weather. What would make this even more enjoyable is if I knew where my camping hammock is... or if we had lounge chairs on our porch or something. Our backyard is really just a big rectangle of dirt and I'm hoping that I will be able to make some changes to that the longer I live here. I'm thinking about putting down some paver blocks or pouring a little slab of concrete for the bbq, chairs, etc. We have a firepit dug into the back yard, but it's just a big dirt hole with rocks around it. We need cooler rocks and some sort of rock infill for it, that'd be sweet. Hm...

EDIT (2 hours later): It is raining! So long as it doesn't hail, R-box will enjoy his free bath! He was going to get one today anyway... :o)

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