Holy Architectural History, Batman!

So my architecture history website is out of the way. No, I'm not showing it to you! Go away!

Okay-okay, don't go away... but you're not gonna see the site. :o) And... I don't feel like doing any other homework until tomorrow (which I won't feel like working on then either). All I wanna do is go hang out with my boy or friends and have fun!

Speaking of which, I just called the boy and he said that one of his friends is on his way up to visit, not for the whole weekend, but still, to visit. I am slightly jealous, I must say. I have become accustomed to seeing my boy every weekend. *huff* Oh well, this is my last week of school/homework for three months, so I can deal with one weekend of non-boy in order to take care of this crap. It's just gotta be done.

In other news, bye. :o)

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