My brother lives in Germany.

That's totally crazy! But cool! He left in August and I miss him. It's also difficult to get a hold of him (time differences, calling cards, etc.) so I haven't been able to verbally speak to him in over a month. :o( Hopefully we'll get some kind of calling system up and running here, and by that I mean either talking through the internet/webcam or just coordinating times between countries... so that keeping in touch doesn't become few and far between. Doo, I hope you still read this.

In other news, I miss my boy. His 21st birthday (WOO!) is this December and I'm trying to plan something for us to do - I wanna escape the state for a few days if possible; or at least our home cities. I know it is months down the road, but boys, this is what girls do. :o) "Ah, I have three months to figure out what we can do, AHH!" *hee hee* At least that's how I roll.

Today (Monday) in studio we are going on a hike; this little venture takes us two hours southeast of our school for a two hour walk-and-observe-water-in-nature-hike-thing. Hopefully that doesn't suck. I spent all weekend working on an exhibit for another class that I haven't gathered supplies for the hike-thing. Sunblock! I need sunblock! Inevitably, someone will have some, but why depend on others like that? That's right - don't mooch!

I cannot believe it is going to be the fourth week of school. Already! It just cannot be possible! I feel like we: (a) just started, (b) haven't done much work, (c) are about to head face first into some impending architectural doom incident. That's right, an I.A.D.I. You could pronounc that [i-uh-die] and you'd be saying how I will eventually feel regarding school, haha. Funny how that works. ;o)

So I've mostly finished my homework that is due tomorrow... 90% to be exact, so I am feeling good about that. So much so (can I say 'so' any more than I already have?!) that I am going to go read before bed. Yes. Laters to youz I sais.
*Note: I do not know why, but for some reason my posts keep being published as 20070907 at 00:17! Maybe I'll try signing out and back in for next time. [Huff!]*

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