"Vee Dub representing Deutschland."

German engineering in da haus, ja!

I don't care who you are, these ads are f-in' hilarious!

And you must see them.


I love the smell of extinguished candles.

Happy Birthday to Mandies! Hopefully you are having fun today!

And a preemptive Happy Birthday to Neally! I swear we'll hang out at some point!

And a late Happy Birthday to Sarah S. (the flute player; last name abbreviated for confidentiality)! I swear I was thinking of you on your birthday, but things are so hectic around here that I forgot to leave a message on your journal.


Why. Why 4:14!

It's 4:14 a.m. I'm still doing homework. Still.

It seems that my astronomy homework wants to be a little b*tch right now. I mean, I love this homework? NO! I'm reading about the evolution of the earth... and how argon 40 is created by the decay of potassium 40. Real cute, guys. Real cute.

Okay, so the assignment wouldn't be so bad, except for all the claim, evidence, justification of evidence, and validity of evidence aspects of it! Aside from that, the rest of the assignment is reading the article. Why can't we just read it and call it good. Huh?!

*shakes fist* I'll get you, you stupid elements! I don't care if you were outgassed billions of years ago and make up our atmosphere! Poo on you!


It's just one line... and it repeats ever-so.

My bleeding heart does not extend to charity.


Poo. Poo.

I have to be at a client's house for work at 8:30am... which means I have to leave at 750am. Boo. 45 minutes from now. Boo-boo! Whine-whine! Crank-crank!

Ehhh... Better get ready then. Leave me comments or update your journals! Yay for T updating her journal a lot! :o)


I almost made CRXbot fall down the stairs!

Well you made a long journey from Milan to Minsk...