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Nobody messes with Adam We...


Peabo is gonna rock your face OFF.

Ok so most of you who know me know that I love to say "Your FACE" and other non-sensical Face-y comments.

It's always happening and it will never stop.

With that in mind, click on the photo to have a good, FACEY laugh. :o)


Tramampoline! Trampopoline!

Marge: Why do you read that 'free' column, Homer. They never have anything good!
Homer: OH MY GOD!
Lisa: What is it?
Homer: Tramampoline! Trampopoline!



I call dibs on the name Arktopia!

You'll see...

You'll see...


The International Anti-Cat Fart Symbol.

Why don't cats ever listen?


Do you know your daily flatus volume? Do you
want to? You know you do. C'mon, quit denying
it - just make this easier for all of us and admit
that you want to know, and you want to laugh.
Prove you're not a wuss and learn about your:
Daily flatus volume.

...lactose intolerant people suffer from "extreme
flatulence" if they consume dairy products.


Isn't it funny how things change in your life without your express written consent?

And you watch these changes occurring, but you're not sure if you like or hate them?

In some measure you welcome the change, in some measure you fear it.

And yet you cannot stop it.

The world is funny like that.

Should you be stoic? Should you be unyielding?

Or should you just cower and wait for the storm to pass?


To stare the problem right in the eye is the courageous way to do it.

Stomachs turn to knots at the thought of confrontation.

How can you possibly defeat Nature? She is beautiful. She is serene. She is vicious.

Suppose defeat is not the solution.

Be a stoic. Adapt. Yield.

Be humble.

Eat your heart - taste the sourness of fear.

Be heartless.

A Lack of Color.


It's 459a.

Death Cab For Cutie:

I've got a hunger, twisting my stomach into knots.


All i see are dark grey clouds
In the distance moving closer with every hour
So when you ask "was something wrong?"
That i think "you're damn right there is but we can't talk about it now.
No, we can't talk about it now."


Du hast mein testicle gestollen!

If you haven't checked out Weebls Stuff already,
you need to. *shakes fist* Do it...

Meet the prawn and then watch his antics!

And then watch some clouds.

Also, I've decided to make a links page for all the funny,
cool, and just plain stupid crap I find, or am shown, on
this cArAzAy-cArAzAy web. To be updated whenever
something cool comes along.

The Murderer.

Last night my asshole of a roommate found it necessary to kill one of the cage-trapped pack rats in our attic. They're in the cages for a reason - so they can be removed from the house, NOT killed by the tenants. I have no idea what chemical he used, or how he could even think it was a rational idea.

He went to the garage to get our trash can to stand on; in this way, he could reach the attic.

The dog was crying.

I was reeling with anger.

I confronted him upon his return.

"Don't you think this is the wrong way to go about this?" I said.

"You're telling me that the rats aren't driving you nuts [while making noise in their cage-traps]?" Assface asked.

"No," I said.

"Well they're annoying the HELL outta ME," Assface said.
*deadpan stare* His room is across the house.

So we went back and forth - me pro-rat-life, him against it.

Eventually, and because I know that a woman's word is less than nothing to him, I gave up and sat back down at my desk here.

He climbed onto the trash can, opened the attic, and proceeded to do whatever it was he had planned. I sat at my desk, thinking about how that poor pack rat had no chance to even save its own life, and I started to get teary-eyed. My heart was racing - what he was doing was utterly cruel and I didn't turn around to look. I heard him take the cage outside through the garage door, but I had no idea what he was doing.

Later in the evening, I went for a drive and while backing out of the garage I noticed a rat cage wrapped in a towel sitting in our front yard. I got out of the car, stood there by the driver's side door, thought about moving the towel... and then realized that I didn't want to see a dead rat - if he had killed it. I didn't hear it fighting to get loose, though, like they normally do.

I don't like the idea of caging rats or killing them. I know the attic problem will get worse if we don't get them removed, but can't they be relocated into a rat wildlife preserve? I know, they don't exist.

I can't help but find the catching and killing of mere pack rats to be awful and indecent. They are living creatures too and they don't know any better about where they choose to live. Just because they don't meet our standards of healthy pets doesn't give us the right to spray them with random chemicals.

One thing is for sure - I won't be talking to my roommate anymore. I didn't like talking to him before, but tonight was THE last straw. I'm done and he's sure as Hell going to know it.

Pro rat meat.





Quarters Boy.

Like the page says, "Don't play Quarters in a bar against this guy."

Hahaha, sweet.

Dear Margaret Atwood

One year anniversary.

Neil bought me twelve beautiful roses, one for each
month that we've been together. I love waking up
to roses they always remind me of him, in a small
way it's like having him in the room with me. I love
how they bloom. They have to be what Neil's heart
looks like.

My heart has found a new feeling tonight. It's
burned with love before, skipped with nervousness,
but right now, here in this perfect moment it has
become all of me.

Dear Margaret Atwood
Full entry: Thursday, September 01, 2005


A new look.

Check out Saturn's new Sky.

Extreme Scuba Diving.

It's going to be the new sport - because I say so.

While Extreme Scuba might sound funny, real life scuba accidents are not.

Here's one woman's story: Extreme diving: 10-minute, 4,000-ft pipe dive


*giggle* Doo... Doo...

I haven't had kool-aid in about... kool-aid years.


So cheesed.

I am SO cheesed right now. I just turned on the news (which is rare) and they are reporting that before Katrina survivors were looking for rental properties there were 3000 listings available. One day later those listings were down to 300. Now you may be thinking, "Good, those people were fortunate enough to find places to live," but oooooh NO. You'd be wrong. It was also reported that rental property owners are both removing the listings and flat out denying Katrina victims the opportunity to rent even if the signs are still posted.

What the F*CK is that. People are really THAT racist in this country?

It makes me sick. I'm buying my own island.


Meine Wochenende.

I went to Phoenix this weekend. Mainly to have my car worked on/tested, but not all of it got done. At any rate, I had a TON of fun being in that atmosphere (car shop + imports + random people stopping by/chatting-up cars). And, even though I knew the least about cars, all the guys treated me as an equal. :o)

Because the tests weren't finished, I have to go back up there at some point to get them done. I don't know when that is, but hopefully it'll be planned more in advance so I can let some people know (aka Neally!).

Anyway, so after the shop day, Squirrels and I went to the Pavilions and parked our cars in the show. Some people came and talked to us, some didn't, but we DID see a lot of ricer trash. A LOT. And a lot of morons. GRRRR.

And then this guy pulled up in his Acura NSX and was talking to us and I asked him if I could have a ride because it's basically my ultimate dream car. And he said okay! So he took me up the freeway and back and it was SO cool. :o) Mmmm... Must. Win. Lottery.

Anyway, so I am back in school now and it is boring. I just want to work on my car and learn how to make it better!

So hyper!


30 days hath September...

September 1st:
*Happy Birthday (again), Anza!

September 7th:
*CRXbot had her appendix removed.
(Did you save it in a jar?!)
September 9th:
*Happy Birthday, Tara!
*Congratulations on the Wedding, Josh Hart!

September 10th:
*Happy Birthday, Matt!

September 11th:
*4 Year Anniversary of the World Trade Center attack.
*1 Year Anniversary of R-box!

September 12th:
*6 Year Anniversary since seeing The Sixth Sense with Joshy!


texan ego. :oP

Crap. I can't believe it's already the 7th. I say that more than once a month and a billion times per year.

So school is still moving along... And today I went to check out this apartment I've had my eye on for a few months now. When my roomy buys a house, I'm OUTTA HERE! Hopefully into that apartment place, with a garage, and a job nearby. There is a shopping center or two just across the street - which is cool. Totally walkable, mmm...

Yeah... If you haven't noticed, DooDoo is back to posting - YAY! Now I can go back to obsessively checking for updates. I'm kidding. Or am I...

Ha, I was informed that Blue Bell also sells ice cream OUTSIDE of texas (see below). Take THAT, texans! You think you're so superior with your giant-ass state, Blue Bell ice cream, football, and Ozarka water. HA! Not that I even buy Blue Bell ice cream... the only time I had it I wasn't impressed. It's ice cream, people! It's not golden dairy products!

Why don't I capitalize texas? Well, because texas isn't that important now is it. :o) And don't you texans come whining to me with your, "Wah wah, Arizona sucks," because we don't go around flashing our flag in everyone's face while yelling 'Hook 'em horns!' and serving dinner on a texas-shaped platter!



What is that woman holding, you ask? It's a condom. That's right folks. An anti-rape female condom that hooks onto an attacker's penis. Intrigued? Read the full story here.

It's about time something like this was invented, dang it!

DooDoo scores.

I need to score a digital camera from somebody...
I wont even borrow it, I'll just score it.