So I says to Mable, I says: July 10th is the day I get to finally drop off my car at the mechanic's shop in California. The work, mind you, is to finish fixing what the previous owner did to the car with his genius ideas of: running from the cops, street racing, and other acts of idiocy.

Plus, it'll be nice to go to the beach!

Mmm... beachy.


SAAB Suite

I just found this SAAB Suite video on forzamotorsport.net - if you haven't seen it, you NEED to. You also NEED sound for it to be ultimately cool. Seriously, don't watch it without sound or while you're multitasking!

It is also going into the left column of this site so that it is easily found for future giggles.


The Trash shows us a video!

So this video was on The Trash's away message just now. I don't bother to tell you The Trash's name because The Trash is, well... The Trash.

A gift for Doo.

I painted this for you today, Doo.




And here is a painting my bro sent to me today.

Are you sure that one elephant didn't paint that? *comical-drum-joke-sounds*


I'm just kidding. Serially. I like that pad-o-matic being animated. Gives more meaning to the "painting" than staring at a still image.

Work is animated.

This is how I feel at work!


AOL news

I hope they find a way to save Yao Defen. She suffers from a brain tumor that causes gigantism by making her pituitary gland overactive and it might very well kill her.

It also appears that the long-lost USS Lagarto has been found off the coast of Thailand, 61 years after it went missing at the end of World War II.

That's all I got - and it ain't even mine!



One of my very good friends has just informed me that he has been hired by Mesa Airlines and that he starts ground school soon. Yay, good for him! :oD

Namely, the umbilical cord...

Consider the human belly button. There is no evidence that the belly button, per se, helps humans survive or reproduce. A belly button is not good for catching food, detecting predators, avoiding snakes, finding good habitats, or choosing mates.

(It isn't?!)

Because I can make everyone you've ever loved disappear, David. Disappear... forever.

Have you seen this commercial? If you haven't, you need to. Make sure you have sound or it won't be nearly as funny. Actually, that would make it creepier, but still! Get sound!

There is also the guinea pig. This one is by far creepier than the deer one, but still funny. Serially, I hope this guinea pig never visits me in my sleep.



I just gave a presentation for my summer class. I was the guinea pig! Except there was no squealing. Anyway, my classmates assure me that I did very well, but I choose not to believe them until I see my grade. C'mon, 'A'!

Serially. Oh, and hey, we have to do this research proposal for class - which means I might have to email a survey out to people, or post one here. At any rate, if I do post one here, and you want to fill it out, please just copy and paste the format and answer the questions in a comment. I'll explain it again when I post the survey of course... For you non-reader readers!



Squidolopolis! On the Discovery Channel! Quick - put it on! Put it on!

Serially. The man-eating squiddos are on the tubicus. Ew, how gross.

They're talking about how these squid love to eat flesh - human flesh. Just look at that picture. Nature pulled a real doozy when creating that thing!


A is for... in your fAce!

Yay, I got an "A" in my Japanese summer class!


we're NOT important!

I have a short term memory, I can barely remember anything that happened two days ago, in fact I'm almost forgetting who you people are.

Ah, classmates.