"How much for the women?!"

"Sell me your little girl!"

My bettas are making bubble nests right now. Well, one really is, one kinda is, and the other looks to be sleeping - or just lazy. The sad thing is, I have no women for them. What, you think I have time to jar up 300 betta babies?!


Boo, Scientology.

Did I mention that there's a lot of BS going into this paper? I am, afterall, the queen of writing a bunch of crap and getting good grades for it.

I have proof!

*smacks head against desk*

For my Religion in Japanese Society class, I am writing a report on how Scientology is/isn't successful in Japan. I am about ready to smack my head against the desk. That or scream. I mean, come on, people, how can you believe in this crap?

My brain has been exposed to so much religous theory in the past ten days that I am getting aggrivated. I am one of those people who does not know what to believe - I like proof. I was raised Catholic and quit Sunday school when I was a sophomore in high school. Catholic masses are like religious aerobics. Sometimes the sermons can be good, but also sometimes really bad.

I guess my main point here is that Scientology drives me up a wall. And now they'll probably sue me.


Meep mo maap.

A DooDoo go fly-fly and a Lees-er go sit-sit.

Groove go mope-mope.


"Two weeks."

It's been almost two weeks since my last confession... I mean, post.

Two weeks ago also happens to coincide with the start of my pre-session summer class: Religion in Japanese Society. Not a bad class, but it does involve reading 2-3 articles per night and then writing a mini-essay due the next morning. The class is only 3 weeks long though, so I can deal. I can deal.

Look at Whitey. That betta is such a freaker. He's always sleeping in weird positions and I always end up thinking he's dead.

Stop doing that, you crazy fish!

Click to see a larger view.

Still waiting to get a letter from architecture telling me if I'm in or not. Have to wait until summer grades are posted, which is sometime after July 6. I am going to have no organs left by then... just a giant ulcer that will break out of me like that thing in Aliens and kill everyone. So be on the lookout for that.

There was a fire on the mountain this week - makes me sad. It was started by lightning, so at least some jerk isn't responsible. At least it didn't get huge like the one of 2003 though. No homes were in danger, it burned part of the national park. I wonder if the trail is still there. Hm, dag. I wanted to go hiking up there sometime soon.

Watch out for manbearpig.


I love music.

You have to see this Nickelback - Savin' Me music video. I love it.



Look at the cute plant on my balcony. It just won't stop growing. Go little yam, go! Or maybe it's a sweet potato - I don't know. At any rate, some day it will be big enough to take over the world! Click on the photos for larger views. :o)



It's May.