Only 3 more days until X-mas for my family! We're opening gifts on the 24th because we're heading out of town on the 25th. Crazy-weird! I have to START shopping! I've been so busy with work and school that I haven't had time - or the money ironically enough. *shakes fist*

But, I am looking forward to the holiday and the traveling. Let's just hope my plane doesn't skid off the runway... or fail to put a landing gear down... or not defrost properly... *blank stare* Yeah, that would be nice. :o)

Seriously though, I'm so looking forward to the snowy winter! Even though I'm going to complain how cold it is, I will really enjoy it. And I'll take pictures to prove it (both the whining and the enjoyment, that is)!

Until then, look out for sporadic posts. Um. Yep. :o)


We're living in Swiss cheese!

So the semester effectively came to a screeching halt on Friday - and then I was thrown head first into Insane Town (that's right Josh... Insane Town). Here's a recap:

Thursday, December 15 - Monday, December 19:

1:42 pm - Woke up after all-night studying.
2:15 pm - Started work
5:30 pm - Left work
6:49 pm - Arrived at home after errands
7:00 pm - Entered online buddy chat with classmates for my Classic/Medevil Literature final the following day.
6:30 am - Signed off from study group and hopped in the car, raced to school, speed-walked to the Union, and met my colleagues.
7:00 am - Ate some crappy McDonald's breakfast - only joint open on campus - and then went undergound into the ILC (computer area below the library) to print the three essays I had also written this night. *whew*
7:40 am - My colleagues and I left the ILC and proceeded to our classroom, also underground.
8:00 am - Took the final exam *boo, hiss, and yay*
10:00 am - Left the classroom, speed-walked back to my car, cashed my paycheck at the credit union, paid my car payment, went over to UA's Bursar Office only to find out they don't dispurse the grant money until January 3rd. *bastards*
11:30 am - Arrived at work. Proceeded to work under conditions of no sleep, high stress, and little food.
3:30 pm - Left work to pick up Josh at the airport and deliver him to his job interview across town. (Poor Josh. He had to re-book himself on four different flights just to get here! And his interviewer took his own personal time (after 5 pm) to interview Josh!)
4:50 pm - Arrived at Josh's interview with ten minutes to spare, wished him good luck and then I took a nap in my car waiting for him to return.
7:30 pm - Josh and his interviewer return, introductions are made, some small talk exchanged, then Josh and I headed to my house so I could get dressed up.
9:00 pm - Went to Uno's for dinner!
10:30 pm - Saw Chronicles of Narnia!
1:00 am - Completely groggy and then woken up again by the freaking cold air, we went back to my house and completely crashed asleep. So. Tired!
10:00 am - Left my house in search of good food before Josh's flight home.
11:00 am - Ate at On the Border. Mmmm, chips and salsa!
11:45 am - Took Josh to the airport. :o( Hung out for a little while before he went through the inspection line.
2:00 pm - Climbed back into bed. Stomach didn't feel so good.
24 hours - Spent all day in bed sick!
7:00 pm - Finally climbed out of bed feeling okay.
7:58 pm - My eyes burn.

So now I'm partially like, "Yay, the semester is over!" (Although it wasn't particularly a bad semester. It wasn't filled with insane-o physics and that's good for anybody!) and "Oh-my-gosh, I have NOTHING to do!" (Which is where more hours at work comes into play and this is good.)

And by deductive reasoning, I'm sure you have already figured out that I never mentioned finishing - or even starting - my Christmas shopping! Actually, I am going to celebrate X-mas instead of Christmas this year. And Santa will go on his usual killing rampage while the mutants look on from below.

Ho, ho, ho... *kick*


*Roundhouse Kick!*

If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you.

If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.


Life is too fast-paced and sharp-edged for the fluidity of night.


Time flies when you're dying.

Ok, so I'm not really dying, I'm just really busy - as I'm sure a lot of you are as well. I'm sure I keep saying that in every entry too. Oh well.

It's just that the days start flying by when you're super busy and that can be good, but also bad. Good because the sucky days pass faster. Bad because that means I'm getting closer to death. Okay, morbid, maybe - but I don't care. It's true.

Right now it's good that the days are flying by because hopefully J will be here soon and I can stop having to worry about calling him cross country... in a different time zone... when I have minutes. That's romantic, eh?

I guess I'm a little depressed about Christmas, too. Not because of the holiday itself, but because I don't have enough money to buy my family the things I want to get them.

And school is also sucking right now. Well a couple of my classes are anyway. In my anthropology class I got a 93% on my final! And in my planning class we had no final! WOO - that's the good news! The bad news is that no matter how hard I work for my geography class, the professor never seems to acknowledge that, or reward me for it. And it's not just me - other kids in class feel this way as well.

My geography professor tells us to go to her for help, but when we do she's like, "Well, I can't help you with that - that's up to you to research," when it's a question on HOW to do the project SHE designed! I mean what the crap IS that?! Life, I know, but geeze Lady!

So tonight was our final exam in that class. And what we had to do was answer the question, "What is the Southwest?" like we did in the beginning of the semester. We also had to compare our new answer to what our original answer was - and blah blah blah. So I did. And then when I was handing it in, I went to clarify that I did it correctly (because everybody kept asking her how to do #3 of the exam) and she just smiled a cute-smile-of-bitchiness-that-makes-you-just-want-to-yell-out-"Why-are-you-such-an-ice-queen?!"-but-you-can't-because-she'll-fail-you kind of smile and half-shrugged.

This is something that occured all semester. People would ask for clarification and all she would do was say it was up to us to figure it out. And, she clearly didn't know all of the material she was trying to teach us either! Sometimes the students would correct her or talk about a subject that was on the syllabus - but that she would stumble with and say, "I don't know that much about it." Then why are you trying to teach us that?! "Think McFly, THINK!"

Seriously, this class outraged me to no end with its stupid professor who knew less than she was supposed to, unfair grading practices, and only grading our exams ... which screwed those of us who did not do well on even one of the tests - which is almost all of us.

So ... what, I'm supposed to just idly sit here and watch her give me a 70% on a project that I researched at length, the way she told me to in her comments, and then get marked off because she has now decided that it should be about something else?!

I have no authority here to fight this and my GPA isn't going to be helped by this. A GPA that I'm desperately trying to raise to make it into architecture. I swear, if I don't make it this year, I am going to F-R-E-A-K.


Normally I would read over my entry before posting to clear up any mistakes and make sure it makes sense, but I'm not going to this time. I'm too frustrated and fed up with the politic-shit that teachers get away with day after day.


No no NO.

I don't care who you are, but wearing antlers is never acceptable. EVER.

I took these photos around Christmas 2004 while eating at a Chipotle restaurant. I feel sorry for her poor "friend" or whom ever that other girl is. I'm sorry, but if anybody tried wearing antlers around me, in public or not, I would have to kick them.

You think I'm kidding?

*foot swings back into pre-kick position*


So I think I totally kicked my anthropology final's butt!

No kidding!

It was like: *foot-swings-and-kicks-test-in-mid-air-thus-shattering-it-into-a-million-slow-motion-pieces-as-the-Bionic-Woman-sound-effect-plays*



Steamy vomit.

I opened the dishwasher the other day and it was a little steamy... and it smelled like the smell of vomit if you have your head too close to it, say near a toilet or over a bucket.

It's true. I don't lie.



Rue! Rue NOW!

In my next life I'm coming back as a pancreas. Or the queen of all pancreaii. That's right, pancreaii. Just so I can have power. How will this give me power, you ask? Well, according to Tara's Dec. 6th entry, there is, "A famous doctors' axiom: never mess with the pancreas."

Yes, me and my pancreaii dominion shall make you rue the day!

So start ruing - all the days!



*shakes fist more*

Five. Essays.

Sanity. None.

Fun. Tons.

Lies. None.

Jiggly. Love.

*shakes fist*



I'm dying!

Ok, so while I'm really not dying (from ailments, etc... but aren't we all classified as dying from the minute we stop growing? Let's hope I'm still growing! Anyway...) I find it rather ironic that on my birthday I saw a funeral procession on my way to school.

After the hearse passed through the intersection, at least thirty cars followed it before the tail-end cop went by. I thought to myself, "Gee, somebody was loved by A LOTTA people. I wonder how many people will miss me when I die."

I mean, isn't the funeral party something everyone thinks of at least once before they die? I'm sure it is. Everyone's gotta wonder who's going to miss them and show up to poke their dead body or scatter the ashes into the breezy wind only to get covered in the ashes themselves...

Ok, while that's really morbid, I didn't create it. We all have The Big Lebowski to thank for that imagery!

Phone's ringin', Dude.

Thank you, Donny...!

Shiny lungs.

Shiny lungs... Hahahaha... Everything is so damn funny at 430 in the morning!


24 hours in the day


24 tv series

Ile Sole 24 Ore

NHS 24



August 24

Deaf 24/7


Classical 24



24 EOS Measurments

24 shuttle years

24 years in my life

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