Peaches! Peaches! Peaches for me?!?!


I forgot peaches existed.

I bought two.


The USPS can kiss it...

...and by it I mean, ASS.

It's a card, not a gold brick.

Apparently this card has a fat ass.



Let's go bump-n'!

Hahaha... the animals!

Mot Mot Marker!

First thing: Hell yeah!

Second thing: HELL YEAH! I totally kicked ass on my first Archaeology essay! I got 47/50! And he said (in comments on the essay) I did the best in the class! *dances around* I'm not even an anthro major! :oD

Third thing: I am going to shoot my physics book. No, you read correctly. As soon as class is over I am getting a gun and shooting the shit out of it. I'll provide pictures, don't you worry. :oD





(WARNING: The following link contains scary lingerie on men! But, hey, they make it so don't blame me for showing it to you. You click at your OWN risk, people!)

For men who want to feel sexy.


(not that there's anything wrong with gay people... this stuff just shouldn't be for men!)

Hahahahaha, no.

Yeah, I really don't know why I am posting. I have nothing really big to post. How about really small? Ha, the cheese!

So yeah, I'm in the book box at school and I like this keyboard. Isn't that exciting?! The mouse scroll wheel is also silent. SILENTO. It's amazing. So silent, yet to functional. Stealth mouse.

Can't you tell that I have a tremendous amount of things to do? Actually, I have some time to waste while my mom is co-signing my student loan-a-majiggy. Stupid loan people and websites keep sending me all around. "Just hold still, damn it!" I want to yell at them. It's like a happy puppy running around with the toy. Only the lender is the happy puppy... and the toy is my money... and they won't give it to me without me jumping through some firey hoops. Really, who's the one in charge here?! Yarg.

So yeah, after this I will go copy the notes I missed this week from archaeology and then I'll class-it-up. And then, like the wonderful socialite that I am, I will head back to the book box to watch the films I checked out on Early Stone Tools and Blades and Pressure Flaking. You know you're jealous.

Seriously though - this class is quite interesting. Yesterday we went downstairs to the arx* lab and messed around with artifacts and testing. We tested clay pots vs. ceramic plates vs. baking pots, etc. in the pressure tester. It was fun breaking things and calculating strength. Then we took strips of yucca and used bone tools, rocks, or (like what I did) the clay pot sherds that we had just pressure tested. The clay pot sherd actually did a pretty good job of turning the yucca strips into a fiber material. So... If you're ever stranded and need to make rope, scrape some plants, man! And break stuff to use as tools! That's what I learned. :o)

"Pretty cool, huh?" -Garth

*arx = archaeology short-hand I created


That's-a nice-a meal-a!

Put these together and you'll die happy.

(sorry about the borders, but i am too lazy to remember how to delete 'em)


Freelance Idiot told off by Cruise.

Ok, so I read The Superficial's entry on Tom Cruise today. At first, I thought it was hilarious, but then I viewed the video of the event and found it to not really be funny. And while I do think Cruise is a bit weird lately, I do applaud him for his reaction.

*An advert plays before the Cruise event - hold tight!

A tribute to CRXbot.

Here are some other vids from Group X: Schfifty-Five and Too Many Guys.

technicolor + coprolites = technicoprolites!

Haha, CRXbot, after you mentioned it, there was NO way I was going to let the image of Kramer in the Technicolor Dream Coat go unseen* by all!

*Easter egg: click the photo.
(It's in Windows Media Viewer format.)

You know, anybody who doesn't like Seinfeld is not-cool in my book. Not. Cool. Haha, really - I think only one person has ever told me they don't like Seinfeld and I honestly can't remember who that was. See?! I deleted such an atrocity from my memory! Thou shalt love Seinfeld!

In other news, the news sucks.


Tsunami - Nuts, am I?

HAHAH - if you rearrange the letters of tsunami, it spells:

I am nuts.
Nuts, am I?
Nuts am I!

Saint Mu!

(read it like you're only taking breaths at paragraphs)

Ok, so clearly this is getting out of hand, BUT what else do you expect me to freaking do when I am FREAKING bored and FREAKING out in my head about being SO bored that I could just sit here and enjoy the company of lovely fast food restaurants because I am really hungry, but I don't really want fast food because it makes you not-so-fast and then I will feel even more gross than I do right now because I stood outside in the 104 degree weather in Casa Grande to view some 650 year old ruins WHICH my teacher told us was going to be a dig and not a big pile of clay.

Ok, so the clay ruins really are cool, I take it back, but the fact that I was hot and probably super stink-town still remains. The fact that I could just keep rambling on amuses me to no end and yet I cannot help but be reminded of this exponentially growing boredom that IS Tucson on a Saturday night when you have no true friends to bust a move wit' - not that I ever bust any moves because I'm not supposed to be here today, I don't see the salsa shark, and we're going to need a bigger boat.

Twelve or I walk.

Great jumping coprolites!

I have a window.


Like, ohmygawd!

Ok - if you hookers have not seen The Superfical, you need to. It is one of THE funniest sites I have ever seen. Not only is the guy overtly mean regarding celebrities, but he does it in THE most hilariously sarcastic way. It's simply supoib! Here's a taste of his style:

Glamour UK reports "Britney Spears says her new single is all about having a child, but Britney says she wrote it two weeks before she discovered she was pregnant. "I wrote this song at my piano, at my house. I wrote it two weeks before I found out that I was pregnant, so it was really kind of weird, because the song's about having a baby … It's kind of like a prophecy … Everyone in general should voice their wishes more, because I think the more you throw it out to the universe, if you're in the right space and place in your life, it's weird how the universe gives it back to you.”

Someone should probably sit Britney down and explain where babies come from, cause, correct me if I’m wrong, its not from the Universe after it heard your crappy song and decided you were ready. "Prophecy" might not be the only way to predict that unprotected sex with an idiot hillbilly who is too drunk/stupid to pull out might lead to pregnancy. It's also charming that someone who has been handed millions like Britney thinks the reason the rest of us aren’t rich is because we don’t “voice our wishes more.” Jesus Christ I hate these two. I gotta get me a bear. And teach it to maul anything in sky blue Fubu and backwards Yankees hats. And then release it in Malibu. Once chunks of Kevin showed up in the bears stool, animal control might be pretty upset, but then I’d explain it was Kevin Federline and we’d all have a pretty good laugh.


If you have a cat...

you might have... toxoplasma gondii!


Groove's brain on fizzoks.

click it! --- > aaaaaaaaaaaaahaha! < --- click it!

Ok, seriously.

I hear birds making the same chirp sound I described in this post. I'm not kidding! My mind is all DT all the time lately!

Calling all Fizzoks.

Ok, so if you're good at physics, or even have faint idea of what's going on, you need to drop me a line RIGHT NOW because I am going to fail if I don't get help.


btw, if you didn't catch it fizzoks = physics. *deadpan*


A minor tribute.

Ok, HOW can any supposed Dream Theater fan hate the new album. If there's one thing I learned in architecture so far, it's about continuity. The latest Dream Theater album "Octavarium" exudes continuity. I mean, even at the beginning of track 2, you have a tie-in! You may not notice it if you're in your car, or busy doing things while the cd is playing, but if you put headphones on and listen at the beginning, you hear birds chirping. And if you listen even closer, at 0:06 seconds, you hear the birds chirp a rhythm that is also found in track 6 at -0:27 thru -0:25 seconds and -0:05 thru 0:00 seconds. It's like a really fast chirp/sound that then slows down like to slow-mo. At least that's how it sounds to me - the relation between the birds and the synthed sounds.

I can't get over how damn amazing this album is. If I go one day without listening to it, I am lost. I start to go through withdrawl and then I have to listen to it.

I don't expect any but a few of you to understand - Dream Theater is widely underappreciated. It is kind of nice that way - more intimate.

*Off to the Fizzok and the Octavarium*


You hookers need to check out this PostSecret site. Simply wonderful. Also, I added it to the sidebar for easy access. New Secrets posted every Sunday.


Oh, those crazy sheepies!

title or description

Leave it to the sheepies to save us all...

Oh, and keep up to date with the Mars Global Surveyor
linked in the 'fun-funs' section in the left sidebar!

Who knows, some day there may be Mars Sheepies!


DooDoo HamHam

i'm making noises on the phone with DooDoo and i made him laugh and he spit ham on the floor.


of all things!

can you imagine!

i can imagine... boxed ham!

Need a job?

title or description

and click 'next' at the bottom...



Oh yes. I am in LOVE with physics. I LOVE archaeology. All that schooling has just got my UNDYING LOVE.


the reason for this post


*heavenly music*

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I got the new Dream Theater album Octavarium today! BOO-YAH!

I'm surprised I posted before DooDoo did! :oP

A-Doo-Doo-Doo.... Seh-VEN-deez!

*shoulda bought that shirt*

In other news...

I am INSANE. Physics. Archaeology. Archaeological Physics? Physical Archaeology? Archaeologics? Physaeology? That's how it seems - like classes blend together. Summer school = intense.

40 pages of archaeology reading (almost) daily.
3 archaeology essays in the course of 5 weeks.
3 archaeology exams in the course of 5 weeks.

Physics homework due DAILY.
?# physics quizzes in the course of 5 weeks.
3 physics exams in the course of 5 weeks.

Groove has no brain.
No time.
Jealous of Xbox & Halo 2.


Ah, the stupid French.

Oui, nous sommes stupides!

First of all, French voters have negatively associated a wider European Union and the creation of the “united states of Europe”

Jealous much?
The introduction of the euro effectively achieved a single market

Uh-oh, better watch out. Next thing you know, someone will rise up to be the world's new president and enforce a world currency. Soon after, people will realize he's the Anti-Christ, but it will be too late because the rapture has happened and everyone thinks he's the new savior. Oh wait, that's the Left Behind Series. ::plug:: Seriously, you don't have to be religious to like those books, so you should check 'em out.

"Books! Check 'em out! Books! Check 'em out!"