1. You know just how tired you are when you start falling asleep while sitting up in a chair. Ugh, thanks school. It's only the second week and I'm already up this late? Bah.

2. The house I'm moving into is like a super dead zone for my cell phone reception. Freaking awesome. :o( Hopefully the fact that I'll be at school for insane amounts of time will counteract the lack of reception at my place of residence.

3. I'm going to bed. :oP


I'm moving!

I'm not too thrilled about actually having to move... or it being the 4th place I've lived since coming to this town in 2003 for school... but yeah. The room I'm in is way too small and, between you and me, I always kinda figured this place would be temporary. I've only been here since the end of January.

At any rate, I told them I'm moving and I cannot really turn back. :o)

In other news, Cute Boy will be here this weekend! Only 1.5 more days! Ghhhhhhhh! :o) Now-now-now! :o)

Okay, so I need to get some homework moving, but I might be back. Might.

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And I jump right in.

There is no preparing to resume architecture school. You sit and you try to mentally tell yourself that "It'll be easier this time around if you just stay ahead of the game", but that never actually works. So far, things haven't really knocked us off our feet, but one of these days we'll all snap and go insane. I hate the first insane day - it's always the worst... but when you're on your 14th insane day in a row... it starts to feel normal, eh?

And so I'm 100+ miles from my boy and that has me a bit sad as I spent most of the summer at his house/in his company. I guess I feel farther away from him than I actually am, but that is because we're both so busy and do not get to talk as often.

I'm still mourning the loss of Meesha and cannot wait until her cremated (sp?) remains return to us so we can add pictures to the outside of her urn. I see other dogs and they just aren't the same as she was. There is one dog here (belongs to a friend of mine) who might be almost as equally cool as Meesha was, but... well, he's not mine, so he can never be as cool, you know?

I probably should go to bed because if I stay up any longer, it's not going to be for any good reason except that I don't want tomorrow to start any sooner. Not that tomorrow is going to be bad, but yeah.

Oh yeah, this Labor Day weekend, the boy is coming to town! And so is my school friend's boyfriend! So we four are going to make a nice dinner and drink and have fun - I'm SUPER excited!

Also, I've been hanging out with Shifty (it's his nickname) a lot and that has been good. He was in a motorcycle accident on Friday night, and worried the crap out of me, but he did a good job of tucking and rolling and pretty much saved his ass by that + wearing protective gear. *thankful for that*

So now I'm going to bed. Goodnight all, I hope you're reading - I am going to really make an effort to post here more frequently. :o)

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The GroggusDoggus.

The loss of one so dear...

It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me it is...

My doggie, Meesha, passed away today.

It sounds like a cliche, but I now know what it feels like to lose a part of your family. Meesha was almost 13 and a half years old. She was there through the major formative years of my life and I loved her as if she were my third sister. (Groo and Lis-bo, hope you don't mind.)

I will miss all the hours spent playing games and running in the yard with Meesha. Only three weeks ago, as I was cleaning out my room before moving to Germany, I found a tennis ball. Meesha used to love catching the tennis balls when she was younger, but hadn't done so in years. When I brought it out to her I could see the recognition in her eyes and she actually tried to play along with me like we did all those years ago. Her eyesight was not as sharp as it once was and neither were her reflexes, but that puppy spirit she once showed was still inside her and it made me so happy to see her that way.

Rest in peace, my doggie...

Her internal puppy spirit still makes me happy even though she has passed. Hee-hee, you could see the spirit in her eyes for sure. :o) I, too, miss the Meet-Beet, and consider her another sister, but I believe that she had a good life with us and that she held out as long as she could. :o)

ByeBye, GroggusDoggus. :heart:

And to show you all who she was, here is a video from Christmas 2006 where she was opening one of her presents. I call this video "Meesha vs. The Chewgar". :o)

*(excerpt from www.doodoodoo70s.blogspot.com)

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Death by chub.