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Stress + hard work = worthwhile.

  • Programming class = attended.
  • Studio models = built ('cept for 1, but that's okay).
  • Plaster model of collar bone = cast.
  • Plaster model of tendon and veins in hand = cast.
  • Plaster model of hand overall = cast.
  • Getting the stink-eye (as a group) from the studio crit = fear.
  • Being forced to build a model in 90 minutes with logic, craft, and completeness = difficult.
  • Talking to the crit after class about my work = bonding.
  • Dinner = eaten.
  • Walking home after school = cold and windy.
  • Cute Boy not being online = waiting.
  • Sleep = to be had.

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I'm back, baby!

  • ECS group model = built.
  • Dinner = eaten.
  • History reading = complete.
  • ECS reading = skimmed.
  • Model of building skin = built.
  • Sleep = to be had.

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A melding of the "blogs". (I hate that word)

So I pretty much just post all of my architectural babbles here... like I wasn't going to... hence the "Architektin" link in the left column... Whatever, yo. I guess when I actually get the guts to post pictures of my work, I'll jump back to "Architektin", but for now, it's all here, ba-bay! (Said like Conan O'Brien's: "Keep cool, my babies!") Anyway...

I've been going through a lot of turmoil with school this semester - the way I work doesn't work with the way the crits want us to. My crit wants us to design in a manner that seems totally illogical to me, but I'm here to learn, so I try his way - and then I usually end up getting upset or confused or doubty... when I really shouldn't! Because then I've started down the path of self-doubt in design and that's clearly not the issue here. The issue is stress regarding instruction.

To my crit:
  • Give us good instructions.
  • Give us thourough instructions.
  • Know fully what the client wants before instructing us to design a building for them. You saying, "I'm not really sure..." isn't helping us. How are we supposed to know the things you don't know yourself?
  • Constructive criticsm won't kill you. Again, how are we supposed to figure some of these difficult things out if you're not willing to discuss and sketch with us?
  • Why are you teaching architecture students if you only went to art college?

Thank you to:

  • Momma: for listening to me whine on the phone and telling me the nice things you said (sorry, peeps, that's between her and me). I had just held back crying and then you almost yanked it outta me, yarrr!
  • Daddio: for talking to me online and then insisting that I call you so I could hear your voice; for the architectural advice, knowledge and feedback. You're the only architectural person I really understand and feel that I have shared-ground with. You listen, you yell, you help. :o)
  • Cute Boy: for being there for me online in this time when your phone is broken, and you really would rather be doing anything other than typing at me, but you do it anyway because you know it makes me happy; for throwing the level of communication I throw at you right back at me - it is refreshing; for making me hyper. lower-case!

Alright, I'm exhausted. This weekend has been one huge research-sketch-frustration-fest. Really, it was. I'm sure I'll be writing more about it whenever I get frustrated.

Oh, and I have a post discussing what I did for spring break, but it's not done yet, and I can't devote that much brain power to it just now or I think I might explode. So when I get a free minute of sanity (HA - betta check back in three years when I gradumatate!) I'll make sure to finish that up for you folks.

In the meantime, you really think it's wise to leave my journal page without a comment? How very mean of you. ;o)

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in your FACE!

In your FACE, Architecture! Who do you think you are, anyway?!

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Oh, life.

Hey Life, why are you sucking right now? Okay, life doesn't really suck at all right now. Sure, there are a few bumps that seem like freakin' boulders, but everything will even out in the end - it always does.

I can't believe it's already Tuesday of spring break though. I mean, come on, Tuesday?! That means I only have 6 days left! Six! NOOOOO! But Cute Boy and I are going on a mini-road trip this week, YAY! ;o)

And I get money back from taxes because I didn't make enough last year to have to pay anything! Suckers... :o)

My car is getting new tires! I'm excited! He's excited! It's going to be a fun day, fo' sho'.

Isn't it great when old friends block you on instant messenger... because they are mad at you for pointing out the wrong-thing they're doing... after they asked you to tell them what you thought? YEAH!

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It's Spring Break!

It's spring break! The arch professors gave us some "minor" homework (aka 6 hours worth) yesterday at 4pm (and then claimed "it'll be your lightest week of the semester"). Class ended at 5pm. *deadpan stare* Only 3 out of the 4 sections has to do it - which I think is slightly unfair, but hopefully this exercise will be to our advantage, as the group that is exempt often has slack requirements of them. In 5 days, I have managed to learn new arch skills at an exponential rate and it is all thanks to our boot-camp-like crit. He's firm with us, but fun-spirited, so it all evens out.

But at least the mega-weight of architecture is slightly off my shoulders for a week. Enough to catch my breath. Hopefully I can get my homework done in time to go on a road trip with Cute Boy - we've been talking about it for about two weeks or more now. We haven't really decided on a destination yet, well, we have, but we're not sure if it'll work out - so we're not putting all our hopes into it.

Some of our ideas include:

-Escaping to another state
-Escaping to another town in this state and possibly get a cabin/hotel/or go camping
-I don't know what else, haha

All I know is that it doesn't matter where we go because we'll end up having fun and taking a ton o' pics. Mmm... pics. And it's the whole "journey" aspect of it too. We are too content to just be wherever. Mmm... I like that contentness.


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It's almost 4am!

I'm still at school!

There's too much work to do!

I am not going to sleep!

And I have work that's going to take me all day Thursday cuz it's due Friday!

Why do they screw us over?!


It's almost spring break!

Studio ran over by 30 minutes today! But it was good! But it's not like I wouldn't be in the building at that time anyway! AHHH! :o)

Spring break is almost here! A full week of Cute Boy access! Mmm... *commence drooling* Road trip! Pictures! Memories! Kick-ass... :o)

Now I'm hungry!

Now I'm going!

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Betta 1.0

One of my bettas died. I'm sad. :o( I'm even more sad that I'm not sure when he died. It could have been Sunday night or Monday day. If I wasn't so busy all of the dang time, I would have known "exactly" when it happened - not that it really matters in hindsight, I suppose.

I had Leela for just over two years last month. (I know, the betta I'm talking about was male, but his name was Leela - doesn't make sense, does it? Hey, Spunkster, remember how I named the two bettas Leela and Fry? < --- So that's why, folks.) He just started looking ratty lately - his fins mostly... and he lost his ability to swim easily... and it looked like he also lost his appetite. :o( Poor, old fishy.

Or maybe he died of a broken heart because he had no family.

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Why I hate American schooling.

Some teachers are great. Some schools are great. Generally, most are not. In the case of America's schooling, we students are typically force-fed a ton of information and expected to process it at the same rate as our classmates. This is usually not a good idea; students struggle more than professors know. You know those times when one kid is brave enough to ask the professor a question and you find yourself thinking, "Thankfully someone else asked because I really have no idea what the crap I'm doing,"? Yeah... those kids don't always ask.

But in the case of assumption, it's even more frustrating. It is really frustrating going into my structures course and hearing the professor say, "I'm assuming you all learned how to use the Law of Sines in your trigonometry classes, so here's what you plug in and here's the answer." They do that and skip virtually every helpful step in between that is critical to knowing how to do the problem. Then you have me, who is way too shy to say, "I don't get it," in the middle of a class. I've never been comfortable with saying that - especially when you're in a class of kids that will scoff at you for doing so. Not to mention it sets the class back. I worry too much.

But still the point remains that we're all expected to learn at the same rate and, last time I checked, everyone learns differently.

The Law of Sines is now on my hit list. You've been warned Law of Sines, you've been warned.

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*hack, cough*

Ugh, my throat has been acting up again. Specifically my left tonsil. Most not good. I plan to keep all of my organs for as long as possible (except when I maybe sometime in the future donate one to someone in need)! *shoves tonsil back in throat*

Studio is at 1pm and ends at 5pm, yar. I feel somewhat motivated to do the diagrams required... and somehow I also don't feel motivated. Yet, I will do them. Mm-hm.

Cute boy and I are trying to plan spring break fun because our schools happen to coincide spring breaks! But what can we do? Any ideas? Remember: we're poor college kidlets!

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Some days just freak you out.

Sometimes, when things get really hectic in my life, I forget to "real-time" update this journal. One of those things is that as of Saturday, February 24th, Cute Boy and I officially decided to be boyfriend & girlfriend. Actually, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Tee hee, he claimed me, YAY!

"So who is this 'Cute Boy'" you ask? He's mine! I'm not going to go into super detail about him because I wish to protect his privacy as much as possible. He doesn't know I have this journal (it just hasn't come up yet, I guess?) so I wouldn't want to go crossing any lines by assuming it's okay to detalize him. That's right, detailize. But I'll probably refer to him as "Cute Boy", "CB", or possibly "bf" or "my bf" - whatever the context calls for.

My family was in town today for my sister's bone marrow reunion picnic. It has been 10 years since her transplant. YAY for her! We ate lunch there, but it was so dang windy outside that the whole event was pretty much ruined. They had to move a lot of it inside and everyone got lost and blah blah blah. So we ate and ditched that joint! Then I gave them the grand tour of the architecture building (my dad took pics of everything, lol) and after that we went to the mall, where Lees-er and I bought some clothing at Charlotte-Russe. I got two cute shirts! I must go back there and try on more things. Yes.

Alright. This entry has been sitting open, unposted for a few hours now. I'm going to go watch a movie and try to ignore the world for two hours.



It's... Thurblay?

HAHA... Yeah, I'm gonna keep runnin' with that one. Until at least Sunblay. Heh heh heh.

I hate arguments. I'm sure not many people say, "I love arguments!" but there has to be at least one crazy-mofo out there who actually does. Anyway, tonight I had an argument with someone. I haven't been that angry since September '06. ANGRY.

And now it's 2 a.m. and I must sleep. I know this entry has little-to-no meaning. It doesn't really stand on its own. I guess I just had to get SOMETHING out before I went insane.

Welcome to the Wasteland. Where you'll find ashes. Nothing but ashes.