Some ants toot.

"Long pants! Long pants! Long pants!"


6 Steps to Kevin Bacon

1. The guy in the Honda parts department was an ass to me today.
2. Mystery Animal #2 in the attic cage.
3. My linguistics professor granted me an extension (until Friday) on my paper.
4. How do you expect children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?
5. Thanks to the handy dandy Death Clock service, I know how long I have to goof around on this planet. Supposedly, I am going to die on Wednesday, March 13, 2086, but since the date changes every time you refresh/access the page, I guess that means I am immortal. w00t.
6. "Lucky You" Yes, lucky me. ;o)

Cookie Generator
by Hutta

Hey, kids! Let's learn ALL about Georgia! H'yuk!


Hahaha, what a bunch of DORKS!



Fluorescent light bulbs wink.

I love this:

So Matthew loosens the belt around his arm and lets it slide down and off his wrist. He pushes his back off the wall and rolls onto the men's room floor. He pulls his knees up to his chest. He is concerned that he will get tile prints on the side of his face again. It is not long before he is no longer concerned about it.

One of the florescent lights overhead winks at Matthew. It continues to do so repeatedly at irregular intervals. Over the next few hours, Matthew begins to recognize pattens. He finds he is able to translate the blinking into english.

It asks, "How many homosexual librarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"

Matthew smiles. "How many?"

The light ceases its flickering for a few minutes. Matthew assumes that it is attempting to translate his english question into its blinking-language. Then he realizes that it isn't capable of understanding him at all. He repeats his answer by blinking his eyes.

The florescent light blinks once.

"One?" blinks Matthew, "That isn't a very funny joke."

"It wasn't a joke," replies the light. "I am only capable of telling the truth."

Matthew has never been able to deal with the truth. He rolls onto his stomach so he won't have to listen to the light anymore.

(original source: The Evil Bunny)


Six hours later... *post*

Replaced R-box's injectors with the stock ones today. Yay - No Check Engine light! Let's hope it stays.



I've been doing a lot of reflecting upon my life's events recently and, really, (whoa - the rest of what I'm going to write just flashed through my mind. here goes...) I would like to say that I do not have any major regrets. Really, my "regreftul activities" have played a part in making me who I stand to be today and if I dwell on how I "wish I never did them," well, I would get nowhere, wouldn't I. I would, however, like to keep a conscious awareness of all the lessons/values I learned from said activities and download the memories of the activities into a little file I can save should I ever need to access the memories. How convenient that would be.

Part of delving my past has allowed me to contact people as well. People? I should say person. So this person (Jigg) and I have been talking (online/phone) and it has been great fun. I would also describe it as... refreshing, exciting, nostalgic, and a rush. The way I feel is far exceeding my ability to describe it.

I have not seen Jigg in quite some time, but I would rather enjoy doing so in the future.

I know a few of my friends don't really condone my contact with Jigg, but it's not their decision to decide. Now that doesn't mean that I don't listen to and value their advice. It just means that even if I do listen to what they've got to say, it is, in fact, my choice in the end. I can only go on my feelings and major thoughts on/about the matter.

Really, what is so bad about being friends with someone that I haven't talked to in a few years? Surely stranger things have happened.
I made spaghetti today. Mmm, with three mushroom sauce. Mushrooms rule. I dare you to say otherwise! Mmmm... Shroomy.
Everyone is buying an iPod while I'm stuck in the stoneage... Dang it. Must. Get. Job!
AssFace has some chick over so naturally I just want to hide in my rooms. Well, I want to do that when he comes home anyway, haha. Little does he know (my thoughts)...

Last night I offered him some chocolate before I left the house. He claimed that it makes more cavities than soda(which he drinks A LOT). Hm. Which product does give more cavities?!

BWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAAA! I just did a Google search for "chocolate cavities" and it yielded some funny results... Like this!

August 24, 2000

Did you know that...

researchers have found that cocoa beans, which are used to make chocolate, contain antibacterial agents that can help fight tooth decay.

I know, I know - it's the sugar in candy that makes cavities, not the cocoa... :oP
One of my neighbor ladies lets her five dogs out, without leashes, to go pottie. Out in the front yard. Little does she comprehend that five sans-leashed dogs LEAVING her yard to wander the neighborhood is a bad thing. When she's ready for them to come back she starts yelling their names, and I mean YELLING. Today it was, "Ruth! Ruth! RUTH! RUUUUUUTH!," for a few straight minutes. ::shakes head:: People are weird.


Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Ok, so this post window has been open for about an hour now. Trying to think of things... to... say...

CRXbot and I went to California this past Thursday-Sunday. Redondo Beach to be exact. We had fun at the beach, taking pics of cool houses, playing with the kitties, and making fun of music videos. I'm sure I'll post a few pics here and there... Weather was awfully overcast/rainy though.

I miss the beach!



What. The. Crap.

At 8am this morning my eyes shot open for the day. Greeeeat... It's too early to do anything!

Well, there's a lot I COULD do, but not a lot that I WANT to do. I suppose R-box COULD get his bath now... Hmmm...

Or maybe I'll start my picture safari! Sa-faaaaaa-ri!

Yay! A totally pointless entry!


"It's just what I wish." -Groove

Groove: this song - uh oh
Groove: it's gonna put me in That Mood
Jigg: lol whats "That Mood"
Groove: "That Mood" is:
Jigg: man, that must be one hella a mood
Groove: when i want to drive with no destination in mind... when i want to cry over someone lost... when i could scream on the top of a mountain, but no sound would come out... when everything in life is: beautiful, spinning, fast-motion, throat-knotting, heart breaking... and wonderful all at the same time. ::tears in my eyes::
Jigg: hmm, i dont know if thats a good mood or not...sounds kinda like a dispairing mood. how about a different song...
Jigg: i got lots
Groove: but it's a good feeling at the same time
Groove: like in American Beauty - where he's watching the bag in the wind and he says there's so much beauty in the world that he can't take it. it's JUST like that
Jigg: thats what your mood made me think of, that movie scene
Groove: then i communicated it well *yay*


They call me... Tater Salad.

squirrelswithNUTS, you need to post!

*cough* ... *hack*

Yep, folks, still sick. Why aren't you comforting me?! No, I'm totally just kidding. I'm just mocking Wussy McGee again. So, Wussy McGee, if you ever want to, uh, lend us (me and The Viewers') your name, I know we'd all greatly appreciate it. Plus, then the mockery against you would stop. Eh... maybe. No, yeah. It would.

So, folks, can't you tell that I'm a weeee bored? DooDoo and I are watching Spongebob! Isn't it amazing?! We're in the same state>city>house for once! "Isn't that gWeat?!"

So the three bettas and I traveled up here yesterday - it was quite an adventure - and I apologize to them for some minor sloshing here and there. You see, just south of "Feenix" traffic decided to crawl. Something like... too many freeways merging... You know... Kinda like the 405 in California... But, the fishies seem to be happy now.

Why bring them to "Feenix"? Would YOU trust your three fishies with some protein-drinking, body-hair-waxing, yappy-dog-owner roommate? I think NOT!

Hmmm... So what should I do this week? I gotta get better FAST so I can fun-it-up before hittin' da grindstone again. Any ideas? There's talk of California... Hm, maybe other cities... Hm... Hm. R-box needs a washing first. But... ah-ha! I DID remember to bring my car kit with me this time - booya. Wax-a-licious.

Supposed to make dinner for my family tonight... but I feel not so much like doing it. There has been some complaining about certain ingredients... Mushrooms are good, I tell you! Goooooooood.

I'm done now.



(in response to Wussy McGee...)

whining :: speech

speech :: free

1st Amendment :: free speech

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (Amendement 1, Bill of Rights, US Constitution).

See, it's my RIGHT to whine. *giggoo*

Sign your name if you are going to leave a derogatory comment. I mean, really, you got so far as to type a whopping six words, but couldn't type just one more?

(Note: That is not whining, but mockery! Ha-ha! Whatever will you do?)


OMFG ::tantrum::

All that I posted was just erased because the internet felt like being a jerk-ass. Thus, here it is. AGAIN.

Why don't you people comment?

People tell me they read this daily, yet no little clickity-clackity of the keys come my way.

Why the Hell not?!

1) I put effort into this.
2) You don't have to be a member. Just sign anonymously then sign with your initials, nickname or something.
3) It's an easy way to make me happy.
4) Because I said so!
5) "Take out the trash!"

Smiles around!

I've been talking to Jigg recently...

Good times. :o)


Welcome to Crap Town.

Reasons not to visit Crap Town:

Suck-suck died last night. Don't know why. He lost the ability to move. Poor fishy.

I am sick. Some Nasaly-throaty-coughy-dizzy-achey thing. No pukey. Please kill me.

So much due the week before spring break. Mid-terms shouldn't exist. Just have 10 small tests throughout the year so we have better chances at better grades.

The Mystery Animal remains. I heard it at 3am. Those guys lied and AssFace is still an AssFace.

My new term is "jerk-ass" so get used to it.

That is all.

If only I could cash it in...

I am worth $2,016,830.00 on HumanForSale.com



I'm in Phoenix! Yeah, that's right! So, if you are one of my friends in Phoenix, and you're whining because I didn't up and call you right away, you can just SHOOSH right now. If you're THAT cranked, call me and harass me. But rest assured, I'll be like, "Yeah, blah blah blah!" Hehehe... SUCKERS! No, I'm just partially lazy... No-no, I'm ALL lazy.

So yeah. I want what I want and it should be given to me. That'd be gWeat.

"No I dadn't!" (Austin Powers) Hahaha, SO funny!



Ok, THIS deserves the heavenly chord, angels, and freaking sun beams shooting everywhere!