HAHA, funny sayings.

You know that funny saying "Guns don't kill people, People kill people"? Well my friend made a mocking of it by saying, "I only kill people, If they get in the way of my gun when it's firing" Oh, those crazy English! I can imagine how that phrase might actually sound cool rolling off his tongue with an English accent, hahaha... Yeah...

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Kung Fu Panda Voice!


Kung Fu Panda Voice is the title of a spam email I just received. That one is just plain funny! (No, I didn't open it, I'm not that dumb.) But now I'm gonna Google it!

*a few seconds later*

Ha-Ha? Kung Fu Panda is the title of a movie coming out in 2008. HAHA. Aw, my bubble has somewhat burst.


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It's Tueblay!

That's right, folks, it's Tueblay already! 4:31 a.m. to be exact! Why am I posting instead of sleeping? Well, I'll tell you! I have structures class at 8:00 a.m. and need to shower somewhere around 7:00 a.m. That means I could only get a maximum of 2.5 hours of sleep if I fell asleep right now. As in right now.

Keeping a realistic point of view, that's not going to happen! Sure, I'll fall asleep, but then I'll have the most difficult time waking up! Hm... I could always ask the Momma to call me at 7 a.m. NO! She doesn't get to work until after that I think! Aw, crap. Dilemmas! *Isn't thinking out loud on the internet fun, kids?!* The good news is that class is over at 12:15 p.m., I am caught up on my homework, and won't be scrambling at the last second to finish writing my essay or print the dang thing out (*mumbling* somewhere other than the printer that's 20 feet from my desk because the network in our building is still all fo' sheezy and I have to use another building's printer... *mumbling fades*)

Yellow Tail Chardonnay + Nacho Cheese Doritos? Shut up!

What in the crap am I gonna do until 7:00 a.m.?!?!

I will comic! (You'll see.)

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It's Blunday!

Yay for Blunday! No... Actually, today wasn't that bad of a Monday. Cute Boy left shortly after noon and headed back to his town for class. Then I got ready and booked it to school. Actually, there really wasn't any booking, perse, because I didn't give a flying F*** if I walked in after the professors were "talking". Their habit these days has been to start class late (by an hour or so), thus wasting our educational time. How am I supposed to respect them if they aren't respecting our dedication to be there on time to learn... from them. Bastages.

So after studio I went to my car in the parking garage (yeah, I drove to school even though I can technically walk there... take THAT environment! actually, my parking permit is paid for so I might as well use it, eh?) so I could go to the library's parking garage (there's no way I'm walking across campus alone after the sun sets, are you crazy?!), and upon start-up, my car idles funny and throws a CEL (check engine light). "YARRR!" <---(the sound my brain made) So I plugged my laptop into the car and managed to get the CEL code... "Speed sensor wha-?" Bah. So after turning off the car and restarting it, it was fine. *shakes fist at R-box* The CEL was probably caused by me messing with things on a daily basis, but, eh, whattayagonnado?!

In the library, I went from floor to floor looking for the d*** architectural section. The library isn't very clear about where it places things... That and there are a LOT of f-ing books to navigate through. So finally, after finding a map on the end of one of the bookshelves, I managed to nav my way to the arch books where I started to find ones that would suppliment the church I'm critiquing for my project. I couldn't find anything more than few-page articles on the church, as it was built in 2000. *huff* But yay for Richard Meier! (Google him if you want to know more about this cool architect man.) I checked out 9 books!

So then I came home and unloaded the car (there's a lot of stuff to carry too and from school, ugh)... and came inside to find out my Roomy's dad had replaced our toilet! YAY! It recently started leaking...

And I checked my email to find out that the flower company is sending me new tulips free of charge because the ones for Valentine's Day (from my parents) got stuck in the snow hold-up back East, didn't make it here on time, and were kinda wilty. YAY FREE FLOWERS! Aw, Double Valentine's Day!

Today is Mandies' birthday! Happy 25th Birthday to you, Mandies!

Tomorrow is K's birthday, so Happy Birthday to him! It is also Janeal's birthday! YAY, birthdays!

Okay, I seriously need to start working on this homework that is due tomorrow at 11 a.m. Maybe I'll update more after I finish it. Bye!

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In lieu of super fun night.

(re-cap of Saturday night)
So last night we decided that we didn't need to have super fun night out. We were too tired. Cute Boy watched the golf tournament with his dad all day, then went home to his parents' house, invited some friends over, and then I went over to join them.

His family is crazy and I love it! When I got to their house, everyone (mom, dad, Cute Boy, and Cute Boy's two friends) was freaking out because his mom's rental car doors had locked themselves and someone had left the keys inside. Everyone was blaming everyone, but there was laughter involved at the same time. It was funny and I kinda just watched with a "WTF" look on my face, haha. Finally everyone calmed down, apologized for the yellings, the two friends left, and Cute Boy and I went back inside.

After that he and I left in my car to go get coffee at Starbucks, mmm... Thank you for the free coffee to whomever gave him that gift card! :o) Then we hit the road and went to my place where I introduced Cute Boy to my roommate. She asked us if she should get a nose or lip piercing to go along with her eyebrow one. We both said the nose one would look cuter on her, hands down! But we think she wanted to get the lip one. I dunno, I just always feel like the lip ones, if off center, make that side of the lip look heavier, poutier, kinda like a defect - not in a good way.

Anyway, so we picked up a bottle of Yellow Tail chardonnay I bought a week ago and went back to his parents' house. His parents had gone to bed so Cute Boy and I decided to watch V for Vendetta in the living room and drink the wine. It was a nice, relaxing second evening after such a hectic three weeks of school... Thank you, Cute Boy! *happy memories*

So after pausing the movie a few times, and having intellectual conversation during pause breaks, the end of the movie came around 2 a.m. at which we proceeded to go to bed and fall asleep post haste, lol. I love the super-fall-asleep-happy-hour! It's a great feeling when you don't just lay there for what feels like a billion hours trying to fall asleep.

(begin sunday entry events)
And yeah, so then we woke up this morning around 10:45 a.m. to his parents calling on the phone and saying they'd be home in about fifteen minutes and that they all had group errands to do. Boo to waking up on such short notice, haha. I like to wallow in bed for a bit before getting vertical. When you fly out of bed right after the alarm goes off, sure, it feels good at first, but by the time you make it to the shower that is ten feet away you feel like butt and want to just crawl back into bed. It's too fast for the human body! Wallowing must commence!

So we got out of bed, got ready, and I left to go to 'my things' while he helped his parents out today. 'My things' ended up being virtually nothing as I managed to successfully laze the day away. I don't feel too-too guilty either what with the needing of the brain farts this weekend in order to survive the future chaos that is bound to ensue as of tomorrow's studio class. We get a new assignment, so I want to do exceptionally well on it this time.

The weekend is winding down and I am debating watching the new episodes of Simpsons and Family Guy - I barely get to watch tv anymore. We'll see what happens. I might just fall asleep. Riveting, I know.

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Weekend of Freedom!

Cute Boy's back in town, YAY! Last night he went to hang out with some of his friends because one of them is visiting from out of town for this weekend only... and yeah, so a few hours were sacrificed for him to see his buddies.

Butthenhecameover! :o)

We're planning on going out tonight, I'm so excited! It's gonna be "our big night o' fun" since he had to bail for those few hours last night. Aw, how sweet. I can't wait until 6pm! Move faster, time! MOVE FASTER! :o)

In other news, school is a bitch. I mean... yeah, school is a bitch. HA-HA! We just had a grueling three weeks on this last project, including a week (which happens to be last week) from Hell with projects due every day amongst the four classes.

My fish fought this week. My cichlids. This is not good. Two of them had a mouth-fight. They were biting each others' mouths and one of them got injured a little. *huff* Fish from different continents (actually, it's my fault for mixing the continents... cuz I didn't know you couldn't!) = fighting. HAHA. After I moved out of the apartment, they haven't been the same. They are afraid of the fish tank light that never used to phase them. They literally scatter and hide when it comes on.

My family will be down here next weekend for a bone marrow reunion picnic. It's been 10 years since Lees-er had her transplant (this May 23rd), YAY for technology saving my little Lees-er! So I'm excited about that - I hope my dad doesn't have to work. I want him and for him to see our newly built studio! That place is nice. It is sad that my year of students will have to spend our 3rd year in the old building after it's done being renovated. :o( But for 4th and 5th year, we'll be back in the new building! I know this stuff bleeds over from the Architektin site, but I'm too lazy to just go post there today.

Why? Because this weekend happens to be the first weekend in many where I have NO major projects to be working on. I am taking FULL advantage of that if it kills me. :o) Things I'm considering for this weekend:

*doing my taxes
*doing my FAFSA
*washing R-box (my car)
*recalibrating R-box's computer
*taking photos of random things
*going to a hockey game
*baking cookies
*having some wine
*my history bibliography

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The eight miles became zero.*

The eight miles became zero and I was ecstatic! Mmm... chicken+corn+beans+cake. Your* momma makes great food, mmm... :o) <--- *happy belly sounds* I'm glad you came with me to print my homework/stop by the school to turn it in even though it was a Friday night. I know that my architecture colleagues were excited to meet the boy I have been saying so much about lately.

Viva la Yellow Tail! I'm glad it's your favorite - it's becoming mine too. :o) Makes me think of Australia, kangaroos, dingos, and eaten babies. Okay, no eaten babies - that's just a Seinfeld reference. Hee hee.

I'm sorry about your car incident yesterday too. It was so horrible seeing you so sad, but I'm glad I was able to make you smile. You should just trust that everything will be alright in the end and you'll be happier with new, aftermarket parts for your car. :o) Oh yeah, and always trust that I'm right 100% of the time (I wish).

I can't wait until you come back into town next weekend. I know it's sad that you have to because of your car and everything, but hopefully I can help you with that and/or help distract you with movies! Yellow Tail! Cooking! Oooh... let's cook! Okay, he doesn't even read this and I'm typing it like he does, haha. I'm a nerd. With that, I think it's time to finally get groceries because I've wasted almost three hours on the computer. Yay, me!

*I will eventually explain whom I am talking about, but first I gotta take care of some unfinished business.

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Proximity matters.

You're in town, I'm so excited! I'm also so saddened! You're eight miles away and yet you feel so far. How is this possible? I can't wait until the eight miles become zero after a long day's work today. Holy Crap it's 1am! Where did the time go?

I ran into Jeff on campus today - during my minor freak-out session where I decided I needed coffee, STAT! Jeff and I met in a summer class last year. We mocked it good. Oh, how we did. It was sweet. He recently left the engineering college - good for you for screwing them over! They're too nerdy for the real world. :o)

One of my college colleagues chews gum with her mouth open. Slow. Like a cow chewing its cud. The sounds aren't loud, but loud enough to make you wish she'd stop. Rarg. She also says "Hi" in this two-syllabled fashion: "Hi-i" where the "hi" is high pitched and the "-i" is lightly lower... Kind of like Princess Toadstool in Mario Kart 64. "Peachie's got it!" DooDoo, Leeser, you know what I'm talkin' about - and how annoying that is. UGH.

Okay, my bed is SO calling me... and seeing that I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to today and my brain just can't stand to think anymore, yeah. I'm out, yos.

Listening to: Phunk Junkeez - JOIN IN

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i'm back... in pog form? aw, crap.

things as of late have been generally unhappy. i'm mostly talking about school. the professors have tried running things differently this semester and it's making us all really cranky. a handful of students brought up this notion with one of the professors yesterday - actually, they kind of cranked at him, HA HA, poor guy (he's nice, but clearly should retire). at any rate, all we can do is work through it and get to summer. WOO summer! come on, you bish!

i guess that's why i haven't posted lately. just been kind of "eh". not like anybody reads this anyway. :o) probably like 0.2 of you. i hate the rest of you, heh-heh.

but i'm settled into my new house and so that's all good; tinier than the apartment i moved out of, so that's not cool. that is, the whole house is tinier than my former apartment. 756 sq. ft. to be exact. My apartment was 800 sq. ft. Funny how things like that work. I miss that place sometimes... but I don't miss the drive to/from there because it took me 20+ minutes and was 12 miles each leg.

spring break is nearing! ...in a month, but no less! springy! breaky! wooooooo! hopefully they don't load us down with too much homework because i know everyone is going to need a break to try to regain sanity - we already need it now. yuoy.

my 12 fishies are now in my room instead of the living room - this makes me happy. i get to see their little round bellies swimming around the tank all the time. mmm... ^_^ it's the cutest when they get hungry because they all swarm to the top of the tank and then i feed them. aw, cute.

oh, and ow, my back hurts. :oD

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Hello, Bishes.

So what's up, Bishes? I've been a busy bee lately. Busy and insane. School has been hectic. Moving was hectic as well. Sick was not good. So not good.

But what IS good is that I get a day or so to just VEG. Veg-o-matic. That's my title of ac-tiv-i-tay until Monday at 1pm. Mmm... sweet-sweet doing nothing and loving every minute of it!


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