Alright! Alright!

So as I said in the previous post, I was on a pancake mission, BUT that has been delayed for a later date and time in attempt to protect my sanity.

It is now nearing 10pm and my day has been relatively uneventful - except for a gift from MooMoo! :oD

oooOOOH! An unexpected call from MooMoo! Weeeeeee! :o)

Mission Population Speculation


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BLAH. I am in Phoenix. Since the 13th. Finals are over. Financial Aid for Pre-Session at UA = non-existent. Groove = GRRR.

"What's the dealio, yo?" you ask? I'll tell you.

UA doesn't know how to give a straight answer. Earlier this spring, some lady in FinAid told me that my fall/spring FinAid would cover my pre-session (the session before summer 1/summer 2) costs. No FinAid is showing up in my account and I keep checking... but it's no use. So last Friday I walked over to FinAid in the Administration Building. Renovation. I'm so glad the U thinks they should raise tuition to make an already nice-looking campus "look better". Idiots. Anyway... So I had to walk from the usual FinAid office to the temporary office at Babcock. Those of you familiar with campus know that this isn't a "feedily-dee walk", but rather a pain in the butt... and about 15-20 minutes. The lady behind the desk at the usual FinAid office told me there was only meter parking - and I had no change - so I had to walk. At 2 p.m. On white concrete. Under the blazing sun. I had never been to Babcock before, so I checked a map and headed on my way. WELL. I walked completely around it because it only had a sign on ONE face of the building. *FUCKERS*

I go inside and the lady asks me for my student ID. I was having trouble finding it in my purse so I offered my memorized ID number. She claimed, "No, we need your ID card." So finally I managed to find it and we started talking. Turns out that the FinAid lady (#1) earlier in the semester told me incorrect information - claiming that my summer sessions would be covered by my current loans. BLARG! So Lady #2 says Lady #1 was wrong - when in fact she's wrong herself! How is she wrong herself? Well, I'll tell you that too!

Lady #2 had me fill out a NEW FinAid application on Friday. She said it might be approved by Monday (today). So I check my school email alllllll weekend hoping to see an award letter only to find nothing there, STILL, this morning. So I call UA's FinAid this morning. After holding for at least six minutes, the chick tells me that both Lady #1 and #2 are WRONG and that my application will take at LEAST 4-6 weeks to clear! WHAT THE CRAP IS UP WITH THEM?!?! So I had to drop both of my pre-session classes and then add a class to compliment my Physics 102 load in summer 1. "You need at least 6 credits in summer 1 to get ANY Aid," the chick told me today.


Good thing is that I have received my award letter for the 2005-2006 year and they are offering me $18,xxx. $6800 is grant money so I am excited. I have never been eligible for grants in the past, or have ever been given scholarships, so I feel really good about this. Tuition is $4k and then books aren't that expensive. If I take all the monies, I will have a lot to use towards non-school things - which would be a life-saver.

Aaaaaand, after taking too long to write this entry while being distracted by the tv, I am not sure if it even makes sense anymore! Thus, if it is confusing, well, too baAaAad!

Future posts to include: What I Learned at the Credit Union and What To Do with Tremendous Amounts of Free Time


MooMoo flew. :o(

Five days sans internet feels pretty good.
Having NOTHING to do feels HUGE and boring.
Dropping 99% of soda cold turkey feels damn fine.

Cheesecake, awaits.


jo floo pled

Squirrels: maybe you should go to bed
Groove: maybe you should jo floo pled
Squirrels: bah
Groove: i'm funny



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"Sor-ry!" Seinfeld

Why can I never make it to the loo?
Why can I never make it to the loo?

Have you seen this boy?
Have you seen this boy?

Dart's brother
The Black Dart's older brother. :o)

*clicks bring giggles.



T: im going to hell
Groove: and i'm right behind ya