PS3 baby commercial.

I don't own one. I don't want one. But I love this commercial!


If I was talking about wine in the future...

2006 was a really good year.

I learned a lot about myself.

I learned how to turn leaves in my life.
The golden leaf.
Did you think that I would disappear?
...wash away?
...last that long?
...get that strong?
It felt like you were with me or against me.
Your promises were all lies.
You thought you'd just push me, but you really shoved me.
It felt like that the only way was the wrong way.
Where do I go from here?
The combination of lost control, loss of soul, I froze.
You know I wasn't the guilty one.


Smurf you!

Thanks, Izzy, for reminding me of this.


Your amusement makes me smile.

What is bluetooth? I don't know! -Radio Shack commercial


I love Scrubs.

Nothing that's worth having in this world is easy.

I gots me a cold.

Alright, which one of youz gave me this wretched cold?! I admit, actually, that this cold isn't so bad yet. Usually they practically kill me for almost three weeks at a time. I had to go to class today too. Good thing it was only four hours long - then I immediately came home, took more meds, and got into bed. Yay for wireless internet!