The Trip.

I'm helping Doo move home from Florida! :o) I flew from my home on Wednesday and now we're driving a rental truck + car trailer back to our state. I've been writing posts, but haven't posted anything yet, as wireless is limited - I don't have an aircard for my laptop (yet).

So more later, bye for now! Oh, right now we're in Slidell, Louisiana! :o)



This summer has been one hectic mother-trucker. I was gonna post about it and now I'm not so sure. My energy just got zapped. That, or I got distracted by IMs! Take THAT, readers! :oP


My car is being hunted.

I'm not joking.

Oof, dial-up sucks.

It's like being back in the 90's. Why can't my family just set up their wireless?! WHY?!


I know I'm 25, but...




i'M sO ExCiTeD!

Dream Theater's new album systematic chaos came out today and I just bought it! The rest of my work day is going to kick major ass! :o)

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