I hate that humanity kills animals the way they do for food. We need food though and eating plants alone is kinda not enough... but still. Seeing the claws broken off of crabs (and then seeing them steam-cooked to death) on Dirty Jobs makes me sad. I know other animals are treated badly too, before they are food, but we need their nutrients, right?

Aw, poor animals!

Poor planet!

Poor humans for not devising a more humane way to obtain the food we need. :o(

"Christ-mas!" -Better Off Dead

It's Christmas!

It's 2:55am!

Lees-er bought me an iPod today! I am uploading music to it from cds! Bomb biggity!

We are the borg.


Oh those crazy late night journal entries!

There is nothing crazy nor entry-ish about this entry. It's just an entry. One chock full of zero entry-ness. Because it is so late? Maybe.

This town is kinda boring when you have no money. It makes entries not that exciting. So blame my lack of being interesting on the fact that I also have no money. And then you should get right out there and donate some money to me. If you'd seriously like to donate, you can leave a comment. Only donations of monetary status will be accepted.

Also, why is it that the thing you want the most = the thing you can't have? And why is it that when you can't have the Wanted, the Unwanted are always ever-present and begging you to choose them instead?! WHY?!

Also also wik: Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuun-nuh!

I'm not making any sense, but you also can't stop me! Suckers...

The Moment You've Been Waiting For!

Yay for Spongebob!


It's the wind!


To all my personal friends.

I'm in da hometown, yo! If you wanna hang out, call me, email or whatever! I don't know who's home, etc. So yeah. Do it!



It kinda makes me mad when people go on and on and on about "how our future plans for this weekend are so exciting"... and then when said weekend arrives, they just stop blabbing about being excited - and tell you that we do have plans... they just no longer include our "exciting plans". i understand that you're tired. i'm tired. we all work really hard all the time (well, not everyone does :oP) and even though we may be really tired now, if we don't go and have as much exciting fun as we planned to, we're going to get sucked back into The World of the Hard-Working again before we know it.

My Christmas break officially started at 3 p.m. today and I have already wasted 6.25 hours of it. Those hours. Gone. Forever. Me? Sitting in my apartment. Alone. Friend A (Mr. "Exciting Plans") is too tired. Friend B is MIA - did you lose your phone again? Friend C had a glimmer of hope, but then neglected to follow through - grr. Friend D, well... Sorry you didn't tell me ahead of time that you were going to be in Phx because we could've kept you from having plans this very lonesome evening.

Yeah, I'm bitching. BITCHHHHING!

Mom, sorry that you [possibly] read this and that I [quite intentionally] swore.

The point is that, yeah, I was here cleaning my apartment after turning in last year's homework (yeah, you read that correctly), but now I'm kinda bored. But I don't wanna go to my family's house and sit and watch tv right now. Sorry guys, I love you, but I need to be outta the house!

[hours pass by before posting]

*crap I didn't go do anything*


Be bold about how you feel.

Angels and Airwaves ~ Valkyrie Missile

[Spoken transmissions:]
Do you hear me out there I can hear you.
I got you I can hear you alright.
This is so strange,
I want to wish for something new,
This is the scariest thing I've ever done in my life,
Who do we think we are?
We're Angels and Airwaves?
Just hold on I got you.
I can see the sun coming up on the horizon

Everyone, everyone will listen
Even if it hurts sometimes
If you will come and hear the message
Everyone wants to learn to love again
Open up and come alive if you will
Can you hear my message?
Leave your pain on the bedroom floor again
Bring a smile to survive
And do you think that you have that in you
If you're here and you're all alone tonight
Then I'll give you a free ride
Take a chance cause I know you want to

If only you'll hold on, just hold on
I'm here and I'm with you
I'm here too, I feel you
We'll get through
I know this I've seen it
A hundred times a thousand times
Just one more time
With you and I, I'll pull you close
And then we'll say goodbye

I've got a lotta oh hell of a lot to say
Even if it hurts sometimes

And if you will come and hear the message
And everyone everyone will hope and pray
That the best will sure survive
And if it's true then you'll feel the message
A perfect life for a perfect brand new day
And we're the next in line
And do you think that you have that in you
So if you're here and you're curious tonight
Then I'll give you a free ride
Take a chance cause I know you want to

If only you'll hold on, just hold on
I'm here and I'm with you
I'm here too I feel you
We'll get through
I know this, I've seen it
A hundred times, a thousand times
Just one more time
With you and I, I'll pull you close
And then we'll say goodbye

[Spoken transmission:]
Who do you think we are?
We're Angels and Airwaves


The may-be events of the near future.*

Saturday, December 09:
*Christmas Light Boat Parade
*Pizza, wine, and staring at a firepit

Sunday, December 10:
*Saguaro Lake boating in the afternoon

Monday, December 11:
*I have an arch-history exam study session in the afternoon

Thursday, December 14:
*My last final exam in Materials & Methods
*Bring all my stuff home from my studio desk
*Finish my Books in Dialogue class from last fall ["BOOM, baby!"]
*Clean up the apartment
*Change R-box's oil (in Phoenix)
*Go to Phx?

Sunday, December 17:
*M>>RSX's birthday!

Monday, December 18:
*DooDoo flies in from Florida!

Tuesday, December 19:
*I get to hang out with EW (from high school band, for those of you who know me)!

Monday, December 25:
*Lees-er's 22nd birthday!
*Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 31:
*Goin' to da Phunk Junkeez show to tag along with K while he works! (Woo, it was FUN!)

Tuesday, January 02 - Wednesday, January 10:
*Tara comes to town [to broil brownies?]!

Wednesday, January 10:
*School resumes

Monday, January 15:
*Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School!

Sunday, January 14:
*AZ-HT car meet in Phoenix with M>>RSX?

Saturday, January 20:
*Black tie affair with K's city's Chamber of Commerce. Dressing up! Dinner! Dancing! Pictures!

Monday, August 6 - Sunday, August 12, 2007:
*Sturgis motorcycle rally event with A in South Dakota

Note: strike-throughs = the event has either been completed or canceled