I have been guilty of this.

The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments. -Friedrich Nietzsche



I'm still alive, I swear!

Okay, so the end of the semester took forever to get here, but once it did, it was busier than crap, and now I can breathe. I'm sure I posted about it earlier... HM... Lemme see...

Ah, yes. So, the semester ended and two days later (Sunday the 13th) I had limped R-box and his mooshy clutch to my parents' house after having it bled by a friend-of-a-friend. The clutch was still mooshy and that meant only one thing - I had to limp it to California like that. *bites nails*

So Cute Boy arrived at my parents' around midnight that night and we left their house around 1 a.m. for Cali. The majority of the trip wasn't so bad because R-box didn't need to do any shifting while on the interstate, but somewhere around 6 a.m. and a wrong exit (whoops - I blame the construction that is STILL going on from LAST YEAR - get on the ball, California, geez!), we hit traffic. Stop-and-go traffic. Which was mostly STOP. Add that to a dieing clutch and you get thrills galore! But I do have to give it to R-box for holding his own (and I suppose the ACT clutch's strength as well) and not dieing on me - because that would have been really bad.

Okay, I have a lot more to write in this post, but I have to go see Cute Boy run the race track now, so check back later!

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I'm freeeeeeeee!

YAY, the semester from Hell is over!!!!!!!

*dances around*

Now I get to go to Cali on Monday! YAYYYYYYY! :o)


Since they wanna know!

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All I have left to do is finish my programming book and get it printed/bound! WOOOOOOOOO!



Two-and-a-half down...

The history review is OVER! Less than 24 hours until the exam and then I'll be almost free! FREEEEEE! *maniacal laughter*

So right now I'm sitting at a restaurant on University Blvd. while I eat lunch/early-early dinner and write my history exam essays. I will stay here until they kick me out! Heh-heh-heh... Or until it's about to get dark. One of the two.
Ooof, belly... SO... FULL! SO FULL! It is going to pop! Now I shall sit and relax? Maybe... :o) NO! There's history to do! *judo-chop!*

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Watch the part with Pinocchio (it's right after the part where the guy searches for movies for kids)! :oD


Two down...

Studio? OVER!

WOOOOOOO! I'm getting really excited as the semester gets closer to being OVER! Cuz then I get to drive my car again, YAY! :o) That's all for now! Too excited to sit still!


One down...

WOOOOOO! So studio is technically over (although my crit will probably try to make us do something else)! Now it's on to finishing ECS (which will be done at 10am tomorrow), History (done at 1pm Thursday), and Programming (done any time before 11am Friday - all I have to do is finish the book and submit it... while my partner goes to Europe... while she's sick... and leaving this ALL ON ME).

*huff* :o)


I love the smell of crankiness in the morning!

Er, afternoon. Because that's what it is now. As of twenty-one minutes ago!

So today is one of those days that is completely opposite from yesterday['s post]. Today I have to go into studio and I have to work on a project that is dead to me and I have to do well on it because it could get me into a failing position if my teacher doesn't like it enough. How d'you like them apples?!

But seriously, can't you just feel my crankiness seeping from your computer screen and, ultimately, into your life where it will alter your current mood?

Quick! Navigate away from this browser! Before it's too late! Check back after sun-down and I'm sure you'll get better results! :o)

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Sometimes you just have to.

Work got you down? School overtaking your life? Going stir-crazy in your mind? Find something you love to do and just take the time to shut out the rest of the world so you can do it!

You see, sometimes you just have to do what you want to do for yourself. Sometimes you need to tell all those things that you need to do to just shut up and take a back seat for a minute. Sometimes you just have to.

Like right now, for instance. Why are you just sitting there if it's really bothering you so much? Maybe it is bothering you so much that you feel paralyzed and unable to do anything. Right?

Take me, for example. Right now school is paralyzing my mind and my life. This semester was pure Hell. It compounded so much at the end of the semester that I am still not sleeping right nor eating right nor thinking right - I am definitely not motivated to do anything school related... and technically studio ended over a week ago.

But, as I sit here on the edge of my bed, my left foot on top of my nightstand and my right foot on top of the stack of library books, my eyes wandering towards the window... I type to you and say, "Fuck-all," like they do in Europe. Today is MY day, bishes! *goes outside to mess with car*

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Holy Architectural History, Batman!

So my architecture history website is out of the way. No, I'm not showing it to you! Go away!

Okay-okay, don't go away... but you're not gonna see the site. :o) And... I don't feel like doing any other homework until tomorrow (which I won't feel like working on then either). All I wanna do is go hang out with my boy or friends and have fun!

Speaking of which, I just called the boy and he said that one of his friends is on his way up to visit, not for the whole weekend, but still, to visit. I am slightly jealous, I must say. I have become accustomed to seeing my boy every weekend. *huff* Oh well, this is my last week of school/homework for three months, so I can deal with one weekend of non-boy in order to take care of this crap. It's just gotta be done.

In other news, bye. :o)

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