Red means STOP.

Last night.

FREAKIEST crap of my life. OF MY LIFE.

I was in traffic at a red light, and there were two left turn lanes and two straight lanes. I was in the left turn lane on the right side of the two and second in line behind an SUV; nobody was in the left-most turn lane. So I was just sitting there minding my own business and enjoying a CD when: *CRUNCH* *SMASH* *CRUNCH* a Toyota Prius flipped through the air and landed to the left of the turn lane I was in... and a Grand Am (that I think caused the accident, but I am not sure because I didn't have a full view of the scene) ended up smashing the car (1st in line in the left-most straight lane) hood-to-hood!

Like bats out of Hell, five-or-so people rushed the cars to see if everyone was alright and people started gathering on the street corners and doing the (to mimic Dane Cook) , "I heard it so I came out," pointing-guestures and comments. Surprisingly, the people in the flipped Prius were alright and the people in the other two cars required medical attention. I, thankfully, did not get to stay and watch the aftermath unfold, as I had to get out of the way for the medical crew.

But still. Freakiest thing I have ever seen (live anyway, there's a lot of messed up stuff in movies, etc). Okay, people, so don't go acting like idiots while driving! Just DON'T! Is it really worth it?!?!?!


Hey World, how's it been?

Oh, it's been.

It's been like this:
1. Architecture exhibit - sweet!
A lot of hard work went into bringing this year's exhibit together. I feel that I portrayed the best work I possibly could have along with the implied message that "I deserve to make it" to the anonymous jurors - hope 'you all' got my message.

2. Work stress - arg.
99% of jobs stress people out. Your boss is the one who either makes or breaks your job-liking. Mine breaks. Most days anyway.

3. Exempt from dinosaurs final exam - yes!
Good grades and a lot of extra credit = an "A" for this class and the preceptorship course tacked along with it. Two easy "A's" = booya. Plus, this class was TOTALLY fun, so if any of you go to my school and want to know more about it, leave a comment.

4. Identity theft - bastards!
They didn't get the $2000 they tried to take - thankfully. I don't even have nearly that much to my name, so whew! Luckily, and very thankfully, my bank called me to question if I had made those withdrawl attempts... from San Pedro, California. Well, I obviously didn't so they shut down my account and I got a new one today. So move along, bastards!

5. Financial Aid - good and bad.
Waiting to hear about summer aid grants, but I have been awarded grants for next year - yay! Free school rocks!


Wash out your mouth!

Spock's Beard - The Light
The Water

You gave me this home and then you left me alone
You act real nice while you're exacting your price

Everyone's got their opinions
They'll tell ya 'bout 'em all the time
What makes 'em think i wanna hear them
I wish that you'd all f*cking die, die, DIE!

You don't give a sh*t about anything
I don't know why you even bother to live

Everyone's so pathetic
Always talking all the time
What makes them think that
I give half a sh*t what's on their minds, minds, MINDS!

[if the truth were told I really hate myself]


I'm so sorry
I really am so, so sorry
If I ever hurt you or caused you pain
I can't help it
I really, really just can't help it
When the madman's on the rise again

Can you understand what it's like?
You all must understand what it's like
I can't help what happened to me
Sometimes it just comes out now can't you see
Please understand and don't
Don't hate me

I'm so sorry
I really am so, so sorry
If I ever hurt you or caused you pain
If you don't understand it's all the same
I guess I'll just be left alone again...

It's amazing how good a song can be even with tons of swearing. :o)


Big-Head Billy says, "Hello."

(Top Left) There's even room for Big-Head Billy.

(Top Right) Even architects get thirsty.

(Bottom Two) The language of architects. My dad and I "talkin' shop".

[click image, hover mouse over image and click icon in bottom right of photo to see full size.]


It was just sitting there in my fridge...

Get right outta town!


What did you for that hey...!

"BIG SUNSPOT: Sunspot 865 is about
as big as the planet Neptune, which
makes it an attractive target for solar telescopes. Don't wait too long to look, however, because the sun's rotation will soon turn the behemoth away from Earth. (continued below)
Yesterday (04.07.06), Greg Piepol of Rockville, MD, took this picture of sunspot 865 approaching the sun's western limb. The spot will remain visible for two more days, posing a continued threat for Earth-directed solar flares." -courtesy of spaceweather.com

These pink flowers are outside
my apartment and there are
billions of them on campus.
Aren't they cute?! And, does
anybody know what they are
called? I would really like to
know because I am currently
building a microclimate on my
patio for easier summer enjoyment.

CRXbot: so you fixed your computer then?
Groove: beepbobaapity, yay-uh!
CRXbot: cool beans
Groove: hot beans!
CRXbot: aw
Groove: that was damn funny!

Beautiful: Sketchie Promo
(video & sound)

Promoted by: Rockstar Film


12 Meet-beets!

Meesha is 12 years old today!

For those of you that don't know, Meesha is my family's German shepard doggus. I called to hear her sniff and slosh on the phone - thanks CRXbot! :o) Here's a pic of Meet-beet having a chewgar this past Christmas. The Stamp will be mine, oh yes...


Pets! Check 'em out!

I got two new pets! Virtual pets, that is. But aren't they cute! There's a pink bunny named Licky and a pink hamster named Hammy Mo Lammy. Look! They're in the bottom of the sidebar to the left. You can feed them and make them run too! Awww... I want a real Licky.