Chh! Pff! Hellz-yeah!

Ohmygod! I am ... beside myself with joy! I just checked my dinosaurs test score on the course website and I got an 85%! And I let out a huge sigh of surprise. I figured that somehow I managed to bomb the test because, at the time, the questions seemed rather difficult. Just goes to prove that a little deductive logic really helps in true/false & multiple choice tests! I'm in the library right now, too, so I can't even yell, but I so wanted to! Yay meez!

Note: I am being lazy and instead of just turning in my library books, I keep renewing them online! I keep forgetting to bring them with me to school and nobody puts check-out requests on them, so it's just too easy. What a bum. I know.

DooDoo - I hope your recital went well!

CRXbot - You need to update more. Same for you, Tara! I don't care if you have a boyfriend, job, and school! :oP


Little round-the-clock-chirping-bird-of-death.

The most annoying bird has decided to make its home the corridor between our apartment building and the next. Naturally, this bird has THE most annoying chirp pattern - and it's freaking loud! Thankfully it seems to shut up when the sun goes down.

And why does a bird need to chirp at 450 in the morning?!

So, thank you, little round-the-clock-chirping-bird-of-death.


p.s. - I saw another 00PY on the way home today and was given the "peace" sign as we passed each other. w00t, I love those moments! :o)


I gots me a juicy cube.

It is the rare occasion when a walk through the ILC* just to print out an assignment rubric leads to an encounter with empty space.

I walk down the carpeted path that is surrounded by glass study rooms and peer through the glass partition on the opposite side of the pathway. Concentrating eyes don't have time to look back.

Could it be...?

Is time slowing down...?

Just another step closer... One peek downward...

Ah-HA! It's empty space and it's all mine!

So I gots me a juicy cube and I'm doin' fine.

Cubicle that is.

These are the most coveted studying environment in this joint. This place is totally contemporary with its concrete walls, glass partitions, aluminum paneling, and exposed air ducts. And there's nothing better than sitting down in one of these cubes.

This must have been what early settlers felt like when they squatted land. Almost like calling "dibs". You see it, your heart beats a little faster, your eyes glance around almost always checking out the 360 degree area around you... And then you pounce! You pounce on that empty cubicle like a lion on a zebra! And as all those passersby look in on your domain you look back and squint your eyes as if to say, "Back off, bitch."

*Integrated Learning Center aka The Library Basement


self-indulgence time!

dude. it's spring break. everybody is going off to rocky point, acapulco, beaches of florida, or outer space. okay, so they probably aren't going to outer space... just inner space.

seriously, though. you know you're growing up when all you care about is cramming in as many hours at work as possible on your week off from school - and then hoping for some over time. oh, and getting a jump-start to the last half of the semester's homework.

i guess i am complaining, but at the same time not. i just feel like ranting because i have nothing else to really talk about. or do i. hm, let's swim around in the brain a bit. and while i'm doing that, why don't you visit the link next to the icon for a funny cartoon. good! see you in a few.


*NOTE: read the disclaimer. i do not accept responsibility if you feel offended by the cartoon... because, if you click the 'continue' link, you chose to watch it. plus, it's funny. see more cartoons at: iLL WiLL PreSS (click 'toons' after the jump)*

okay, i've mulled it over. there are things to talk about. such as...

the weather. anybody that says [this] is a horrible state, is just plain crazy. just take a look at the pictures i snapped the other day! i know, they're not award-
winning photos, but they convey the weatheral situation pretty well. that's right, i just said 'weatheral'. the temperature has dropped about five degrees in the last twenty-four hours (twenty in other parts of the state) so, for us, it is pretty chilly. it has only rained a little bit, not too much to combat the drought though.
everyone in this town tells me that 'living so close to the mountain is stupid', but hey, we get the best weather! they even restricted the mountain road to residents only :o(. that's no fun! i understand the safety issues part - mainly because that side of town is notorious for "flash floods" at the base of the mountain. and, grr!, the other day i somehow must've left my 35mm camera turned on (even though i swear i didn't) and the battery died when i wanted to shoot storm pics. yarg.

what's with people saying that 'having an online journal is self-indulgent'? if you don't like them, don't read them. other people like to create them for their family and friends to see to keep in touch when life gets hectic. *smack*

it's stormy, cold, and i'm hungry.

that is all.


Gah, I can't stomach that picture...

A hunter clubs a seal in Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence in 2005. Aboriginal and Inuit hunters also harvest seals.

I don't know about you, but that makes me want to take that man's club and club him to the point just before death and then ask him how he feels.

They kill 325,000 seal pups during each annual hunt! It's not hunting! It's beating an animal to death! GRRR...

You bastards!

And why do Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel host The Man Show when they are clearly not men? They should also be clubbed to near-death. Seriously guys, do you want those two idiots representing your side of this species?!