How To Effectively Smash Your Hand

Ok, so no matter what anybody tells you, DON'T smash your fingers in the hood of your car. ::blank stare::


It hurts like a BITCH.

It happened to me this morning. The hood slipped out of my left hand smashing my right hand (on the bone between the first and second knuckles) between it and the driver's front quarter panel. (The red band of paper in the pic below represents where my hand was smashed.) I didn't scream, but my brain did jump into Half-Panic-Half-Logic-Mode. The hood was completely latched shut. I managed to get my left hand fingers under the front part of the hood, but I couldn't get my hand free. I looked around to see if anyone was outside that could hear me yell if I needed help - no one. Lisa was asleep inside the house and, obviously, there was no way I could release the hood by the indoor or exterior hood release latches. I had my phone in my back pocket, but I was determined to keep as much pressure off my right hand as possible. Still working the hood, I finally got enough leway to wiggle my fingers free. Then it felt like my left hand might be stuck; hoods are heavy!

Whew, both were finally free, but I was far from ok. Freeing my hand allowed the blood access to the edge of my fingertips again - OW. Then the nausea set in. I walked over to the driver's door, which was still open, and realized my house keys were in my purse on the passenger side. I walked around, got my keys, and made it to the front door while managing not to puke. Next, I tried to unlock the front door of the house, but I had to pull the door fully shut to get the lock to turn - which required the use of my right hand. "Yay." So I got inside, woke Lisa up, and headed for the toilet in case I puked. Lisa called Mom, brought me water, and eventually the nausea passed. It still hurts now, is barely bruised, but weight on it in certain positions makes it get a really bad "Charlie Horse."

Anyway, so my mom came home for her lunch break and made sure everything was ok, then she headed back to work and I went on towards Tuxon. Missed German today, but it was unavoidable; tomorrow is our group's song presentation, "woot." My archaeology class is going well, too; Earned a B on test 3, yay! Test 4 is in two weeks and I feel confident. Have to write a petition to the dean for a withdrawl from english - don't ask, just DON'T ask. My physics of flight class is still yet to be determined... I could end up with an E or an I (I'm hoping for this). Either way, I'm completing my Architecture 102 studio, and re-taking English 102, "Flight" 102, and my Language class from Spring '04 in the Spring 2005 semester. Yes, I've slacked off big time. Yes, I might get kicked out of school. Yes, I am scared. Yes, this is a confession.

I just can't keep it bottled up anymore.

After I lost my job, I got even more depressed about school, etc. At least teachers are giving me a chance and I'm starting a new valet job on Thursday. Things are looking up. Now, I just have to convince the dean to give me a withdrawl.

Questions? Comments? Call 1-800-MEL-ROXX



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Mmmm, Stargate SG-1...


Töte mich.

Töte mich.



Hijinks with gAaron!

I almost sharted tonight.



I Love You, Magda!

Ante Meridian Thoughts

So here I am, 501 ante meridian, sitting at my computer desk, so aptly made from an old restroom door, which once called church its home. Not a whole lot goes on this early in the morning. I know that Lisa is still awake and her online company is very appreciated.

My mind is racing as fast as a bullet train flying along the metal tracks, only my path is less guided. I could only be so fortunate for a guided path, but such is life. I have ruminative thoughts lately; for about the last two months to be exact. And somehow I've lead myself off the beaten path, which used to resemble attendance and good grades, and into a whole new realm I cannot fathom.

It is almost as if I'm watching myself through someone else's eyes. Sometimes when I am performing daily actions, I find myself consciously thinking myself into doing them, i.e., when I go through the motions to protect and lock my car every day. "Ok, you've done this, so next you do this, and then you do that, and make sure you've got everything important out of the car, and then close the door and set the alarm." It's almost weird sometimes. Normal things I used to take for granted seem to take so much concentration now, and things I used to think about diligently (attendance, homework) have been lofty ideas this semester.

I know this is where I want to be. I want my degree from here. I will get it from here. That is, if I don't get banned for lack of academic probation improvement. Yippee, another possible failure I might have to bring to my parents. (Siblings: Don't tell M&D, I'm trying to work things out with my teachers.)

So basically I'm unhappy with gen. eds. Yeah, I've gotta do 'em. No, I don't wanna. Somewhere along the way I slipped into a placatory fantasy coma. Architecture is where I know I belong and if I can just get myself admitted to the program, then I know I can knock their socks right off! But from what depths will I draw motivation? GREAT depths.

Give me a padded cell, my favorite music, all the homework that needs to be done, some time, and you'll get vastly-improved results.

Dare I sleep?



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Points to you if you know the movie!

"Mr. Marbles?"


Los Marinos

I'm watching some army movie dubbed in Spanish. It's hilarious and better than what's on English tv right now. Isn't that sad? Poor Tucson and it's crappy tv schedule. It really is quite horrible.

Anyway, the movie title in Spanish is: Los Marinos. The Marines. ?

Ooh! It's back on!


Unique Little Fishy

His name is Suck-Suck. He likes to rest on leaves. Isn't he cute?!


Cherry Vanilla. Have you tried it?

Cacto Steals The Stage

Cacto from above!

And notice the tiny Type R in the background. I'm such a nerd. Posted by Hello

Moon Cactus


To sleep or not to sleep?

I stayed up until 0400 last night with Lisa... and then Sean (the guy buying my del Sol) woke me up at 1018 when he called. Got up, went pottie, but now do I go back to sleep for a little bit, or stay awake? hmm...

Hehe, Matlock is on tv.


Follow the bread crumbs.

Really, it's not a Groove Salad, but just Groove Salad. I still haven't decided if this will be the spot of my new journal, but I'm leaning towards it. It just looks more like how I feel. No, not dotty or spotted . . . ::blank stare:: . . . but modern, motivated, contemporary. Plus, I can post pics more easily here.

So bookmark it! Or else . . .

Welcome To The Fishbowl.

When people at pet stores say that fish can't see you out of their tank, I don't believe them. Whenever I put my face or something up to the tank (and like the cd for Matt's betta) they freak out. Or, if I'm in the kitchen, the betta swims to that side of the tank. They're not dumb. I bet they're SO smart they'll rule the world some day... When the Earth's atmosphere mysteriously becomes solid and then the fishies threaten to drown all humans unless we terraform some other planet and get the hell away from Earth.

Really, what reason don't they have to take over?

Wasn't he cute?! Posted by Hello