Fam is the best.

I just got home a little while ago. Yeah.

Mmm... The apartment-filled scent of monkey bread.

Mmm... The clean floors.

Mmm... The new plastic smell of the new shower curtain liner and new tub mat.

Mmm... Freshly washed bed sheets.

I love my mommy.

Thanks Mom for all the cleaning help and thanks to Club Lees-er for helping with the monkey bread and for all the girly giggles. Haha.


HA HA HA. He's so silly.

Have you seen Weird Al's White and Nerdy music video? You should! If you've heard the real song this will be funnier. *giggle* It's still hilarious though.


Nothin' like studio and underground music late at night.

I'm not even doing school work! Well, a little outside works searching. That is, looking at a book my crit lent me full of arch works from Yale students. Yep. Happy Monday to me!


Oops, I scrolled through my past.

I was bored just now and happened to come across a cd with old photogs on it (particularly the hilarious series of D's dad below). These are all pre-2004 I believe. Quite frankly I thought everything from this era was gone from my existence, but oh well. At one point in time I would have hated finding this cd, but after three years of growing, I have come to the conclusion that I don't have to hate My Past and the things that happened between us.

D (left corner), although I did not re-realize it until recently, was a very key part of my life. He helped me to realize that I did not need to dress in baggy clothes and hide my figure. He also helped me realize that I did not need to be so shy and quiet around people. Without ever having known D, I surely would not be the person I am today and, I believe, I would have missed out on a lot. Thank you, D, for breaking me out of my shell.

Right now, my life is good. I told Tara that I could die happy today. Happy because I have come this far from the girl I used to be - the preschooler who wouldn't even recite her own address to her mom for fear of embarassment, for example. Happy that my family and I are closer together than we have ever been. Happy that I have had the privilege to meet so many great friends over the years. I love people that make life worth living; they have spirit; beauty is all around them. Happy that I have tested my own limits and have overcome my own academic failures. Happy that I am finally studying architecture and working towards a degree; that my dad told me I made the right choice in career; that my studio professor told me I really deserve to be in the program and that "[he knows I] will do great things". Happy that I have my dream car and am able to explore that Avenue of Adrenalin. Just happy.

*content sigh*

Besides, isn't that photo series hilarious?

(D, no hard feelings, I hope you're okay with the pic post. Lemme know if you're not - if you read this.)


At some level, Stewie's action at the end is me, lol, and I find it SO amusing.

And this one just makes me giggle.


Ah, advertising.

No, it's funny how this ad is totally everything opposite of what they claim. Because a 'really tight and small' t-shirt that reads "HIGH SCHOOL" is SO funny on that girl. Oh MAN, that's classic. Seriously, where do they come up with these?! *giggly-sarcasm*

Now the Jesus shirt IS funny as well as true.


Collapse the Light Into Us

Recently I have become one of the MySpacians like the rest of society. That is to say, actually, that I created a true profile, using a real nickname as my username and my real name on my registration, for the first time in my life. I lied. For the second time in my life. The first time was when I changed my Facebook nickname-username to my real first name and last initial. Normally I frown upon doing so. Hell, on MySpace I even posted a picture of myself on my profile. Everyone else does it and it really is harmless. So why the crap not.

I guess it's just that lately, as a few pages have been turned in my life, I have come to realize (moreso than before) that life is too short to worry about some of these trivial things.

It's gonna be clamp this, clamp that... Badda clip, badda clamp!



The music at the club on Friday night was awesome! Now I have three cds to buy. I love getting new cds! (And I wish I had an iPod.)

I also got to see my family and an old high school friend. :o) It's late and I'm tired. I still have some drawring to do.

But I'm not dead.



I already know this... *stomps foot*

Ow, the side of the glue gun is hot.

let's explore the underground.

i wanna... capture you in dig-i-tal


I'm going here
this Friday night
to party the night away! Actually, a
friend is taking me to see a DJ
duo's gig and we get to be in one of the
swanky VIP boxes. *dances
around* Fun!

If you happen to know the name of this club, please do not post it in my comments.
You know, the whole anonymity thing. :o)

I'm so excited! It'll be great to have some kick-ass fun around all the school work I do. WOO!

*click for a larger view