You've been dipping!

This commercial is SO funny to me. Especially when he yells, "NOOO!" Hahaha...

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Blogger, don't make me kill you.

I just lost this ENTIRE post. It was long, it was almost finished, and it's gone. Freaking GONE. All I did was accidentally hit ctrl and an arrow key, I THINK, and it's GONE. Non-recoverable. Fehkity Fehk Fehkin' suck. Now I'm cranky. And when I try to duplicate said "accident" right now, I, of course, CANNOT. *huff* :o

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Oh, these crazy days!

Mmm... what a nice Saturday so far. Slept next to my boy, had the windows open all night so the fresh air came in, the sound of the fish tank was soothing... Mmm, relax-y. :o) It feels weird to have some free time mixed in with homework again. It's like what The Normals (non-overwhelmed collegiate peoples) have to do for school. It's kind of nice and kind of weird. Things are starting to feel normal again, although it took two days before I didn't feel like I was going to die from severe lack of sleep/water/food/sanity. Thanks, architecture. Ha.

So as I mentioned above, Cute Boy is in town again - the last time was two weeks ago. I can't handle the withdrawls! Talking on the phone isn't nearly enough, you know? Spending all of my time with people that I do not really enjoy (my classmates) makes everything more difficult - especially when I'm upset about school and all I can do is call The Boy rather than drive to his house and whine. I guess that shows you how attached I've become in the last few months. :o)

Summer is approaching and hopefully the Cute Boy withdrawls will lessen. I will probably be working for my dad at his office and The Boy might be working an internship (in-state, but not in the same town *slight huff*). This means I'll be living at my parents' house for the summer - kind of an exciting proposition, kind of a scary one. Once you've lived alone, it's definitely difficult spending months under your parents' roof. YAR. Lees-er, we've gotta clean out the whole garage. ;o) Our cars must learn to share!

Ugh. My room is so messy right now! (And see, I can't even transition my paragraphs for crap right now... brain too mooshy...) I was embarassed for Cute Boy to see it because I've done so well at keeping it clean since we've met (and before, really), but the last two weeks = cleaning my room was NOT a priority, ha ha.

I think it could rain today. It's overcast and windy, thus, the enjoyment of good weather. What would make this even more enjoyable is if I knew where my camping hammock is... or if we had lounge chairs on our porch or something. Our backyard is really just a big rectangle of dirt and I'm hoping that I will be able to make some changes to that the longer I live here. I'm thinking about putting down some paver blocks or pouring a little slab of concrete for the bbq, chairs, etc. We have a firepit dug into the back yard, but it's just a big dirt hole with rocks around it. We need cooler rocks and some sort of rock infill for it, that'd be sweet. Hm...

EDIT (2 hours later): It is raining! So long as it doesn't hail, R-box will enjoy his free bath! He was going to get one today anyway... :o)

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My brain is a big ball of moosh right now. I had my final studio review yesterday and I only slept one hour the morning of... and four hours the morning before... and I'm not quite sure how many the night before that - if any at all... see what I'm getting at here? The last two weeks have been grueling and here's why!

  • Severe lack of sleep (I'm talkin' anywhere from 0 - 4 hours per night)
  • Eating only 1/4 of meals because your stomach ends up kicking you if you try to feed it
  • Waking up from what little sleep you just got and immediately thinking about your project
  • Not being able to fall asleep, even though you only have 1 hour to sleep, because you keep thinking about your project
  • Three other classes to manage at the same time - which all have projects of their own and finals approaching
  • Life to manage at the same time

Yar! It's just been one blur of time for the last two weeks. At least I think it was two weeks - it might have been three. See?! I don't even remember!

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"Full Bars!"

"Wanna find a 'remote access point' with me?"

"Full Bars!"

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The Gift ~ Angels and Airwaves

There’s the strangest excitement today
If you’re awake then you’re welcome to hear
I’ve got a gift and it blew me a way
From the far eastern sea straight to here
Oh God I feel like I’m in for it now
Its like the rush has gone straight to my brain
But my voice is as lonely as loud
As I whisper a joy of this pain

And suddenly
You’ve done it all
You won me over
In no time at all

And now I’ll stop the storm if it rains
I’ll light a path far from here
I’ll make your fear melt away
And the world we know disappear

If you ask I will do what you say
All we have is this night to get through
With a twist of your smile your own way
You left me all up in arms and confused
Oh God I feel like I’m in for it now
And how this kiss will be wonderfully vain
I swear I’ll melt if you touch me at all
But then I’ll ask you to do it again, and again

And suddenly
You’ve done it all
You won me over
In no time at all

And now I’ll stop the storm if it rains
I’ll light a path far from here
I’ll make your fear melt away
And the world we know disappear
I’ll stop the storm if it rains
I’ll light a path far from here
I’ll make your fear melt away
And the world we know disappear

Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

And now, I’ll stop the storm if it rains
I’ll light a path far from here
I’ll make your fear melt away
And the world we know disappear
I’ll stop the storm if it rains
I’ll light a path far from here
I’ll make your fear melt away
And the world we know disappear.

Make the world we know disappear.
Make the world we know disappear.

Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
Now, Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

A is for Architecture.

  • the only building on campus that never turns off its G. D. lights.
  • the only program that requires students to work 60 hours outside class.
  • influences you to draw on napkins, toilet paper, or any writeable surface if standard paper isn't nearby.
  • students can build a model to represent an idea using almost anything at hand.
  • students never sleep.



Ow, my brain...

Only 13 days until studio is over - woohoo! Then I can breathe again! And sleep again! I'm so excited! I'm also excited because Cute Boy is coming down here again this weekend!

Easter Sunday with his family was fun - they are totally laid back and real. None of that fake "I love you because you're family" crap. Woo!

Things I'm not excited about:
  • having to redesign my studio project building - just because my professor and section classmates liked that version of my project better. Ploop.
  • feeling so stressed out that my muscles are tense.
  • a car of the same make and model to mine was stolen today only ~130 miles from where I live - that's too close to home for comfort. *fear* :-\
  • shuffling money around to make ends meet.
  • annoying bishes in my class - they treat others (especially me) like they could care less if a wolf had just knawed off my feet and I couldn't get help; I seriously think at that moment, they'd still talk about how much they love their own eyes.
  • my architecture history project - too much of our grade is counting on the well-being of this project. *sigh*
  • having this many things to be not-excited-about. :oP

In other news! I'm working on that redesign mentioned above. It's going alright so far. I'm sure my professor and classmates will make try to change something else tomorrow. They have a habit of doing that right after you've spent 12 hours on one drawing. Ploop.

Okay, so back to it then!

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Easter Sunday begins.

Welcome to Easter 2007!

I don't know why it got that exclamation point - part of me feels that it doesn't deserve it, but that's just me being in a pessimistic mood, eh?

So Requiem for a Dream wasn't bad, it was just weird. I like weird movies. Let's just say, though, if you haven't seen it, and you're queasy about slightly disturbing and/or raw-type of movies, maybe you shouldn't watch this one. :o)

But now I'm watching The Butterfly Effect - which I have also never seen. I was told by an ex-friend that it's a "must see" movie. It better be good, dang it. LOL.

Later today, I am going to meet extended family members of Cute Boy for Easter celebrations - kind of excited, kind of nervous. I don't think I've really cared as much about if someone's family likes me as much as I do this time around. Everything is different - everything means so much.

Right. Back to my movie then.

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I'm so bored.

I'm stuck in my house. No, not literally stuck like I'm 800 pounds and cannot lift myself off the couch, but stuck as in I still cannot drive my car. Needless to say, I am royally bored. I've been cooped up here all day because, quite frankly, I didn't feel like walking 1.4 miles with groceries in a backpack in the heat. :o( Cute Boy had to work at his parents' house, so he could not assist either. Architecture homework? Pfff, I need to rest my brain.

All I managed to accomplish today was:
  • got dressed
  • brushed teeth
  • washed bed sheets
  • swept the back walkway
  • made mac and cheese (because it's all I had, ugh)
  • watched too much tv
  • sat online
  • ironed a shirt (for tomorrow when I celebrate Easter with Cute Boy's family)
  • emptied the trash
  • wrote part of a letter
  • checked the outside mail (twice; no mail! boo!)
  • got a headache from the boredom

So now I'm going to watch Requiem for a Dream because I've never seen it and my roomy owns it. I'll check back after that (approx. 1h, 42min from now).


The dreads.

*sitting in a chair with calves-to-feet part of legs horizontal on top of desk*

What a funny way to sit, right? No, it's playful! It di-rectly reflects the mood I'm in right now. Why? I'll tell you!

Last night Cute Boy called to inform me that he would be in town later and, "what would [we] like to do?" Eeeeeeee! *excitement!* Don't worry, I still got my homework done - take THAT, school!

He arrived during the 9 or 10 p.m. hour, I finished building my model, and then we watched The Pursuit of Happyness - it was good and it felt good to just take a couple of hours to forget school and enjoy time with my boy. :o)

So school was really good today. During our programming class I sketched an idea for the building we're designing in studio and I think I can make it work as my final design! I hope so, because that would rizzock! After programming, I went back to studio, worked on my drawings and then class started. It was totally laid back today - our crit just walked around and gave some feedback. Only bad part was that he wants me to draw with a lead holder pencil (left) rather than my trusty set of mechanical draft/matics (right; click for larger view). Nooooo! I drew with the lead holder, though under protest, until my teacher left the studio - then I was right back to my draft/matics! I made it into the program using them, why should I switch now? They're awesome pencils - if you were wondering. They're heavy enough, too, to feel "quality" while you're using them unlike how cheap-o pencils feel. Plus, you never have to stop and sharpen the lead! A technique that drafting people use, is that we rotate our pencil with our fingers while we are drawing lines - this keeps the tip sharp - and it works better with mechanicals, in my opinion. :oP

So then I came home and now I'm getting ready to have a fun night out! For once, our homework load isn't overbearing this weekend, YAY! Also... Did you think you'd ever see me with dreads?


But these are not true dreads! (I like to wash my hair, thank you! LOL.) No, but I have this putty stuff that I am going to use to dread-up my hair tonight. Why? For giggles - besides, when you normally don't do your hair or makeup all "fancy", it feels good to have some change - it livens up your mood! I swear by the physics of this! Heh-heh. I'll try to take a picture, though that will be difficult as my camera was sent out for repairs this week. :o\ Hopefully Cute Boy will have a camera he can use. And then... you're gonna have to be one of my MySpace friends - or you ain't gon' see 'em!
Okay, Cute Boy just called, so bye! :o)

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The Twins.

"We are getting aggravated..."

"Yes, we are."

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Betta 2.0

Another one of my bettas died. This one was also just over two-years-owned, so it probably was his time. He was alive yesterday morning, though, I noticed he wasn't eating. "Oh no," I thought, and by 3 a.m. when I went to bed, he was gone. This morning I flushed him down the toilet. :o( Normally I bury them in a box in the ground, but there just isn't any time these days... and stinky fish-rot water is not good.

Aw, bye bye, Fry.

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I want my giggle back.

My Cute Boy was here and it was comforting. I always feel whole, happy, and safe when he is around. Sadly the Cute Boy only stayed for two hours and had to leave to go do things in his college town - like study for a test he forgot he had tomorrow. :o( I know he'll do great though, so that makes me :o).

I, on the other hand, have to get this G. D. architecture model finished asap before I fly off the handle! Sleep is a prime luxury right now and it must be had! Good thing class isn't until 1pm. :oP

I want my Cute Boy back! *throws tantrum*

Daaaaang it!

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It always amazes me...

The way I come up with designs always amazes me. Each design provocation is different from the last:

  • inspiration listening music
  • saying ideas out loud
  • doodling aimlessly with frustration for hours
  • thinking in the shower
  • driving my car

...and the list goes on - I doubt I could list them all. The point is that Friday morning at 6 a.m. I had an epiphany of a design idea and now, at 3:30 a.m., I have just had another break through. Gravy-hoo-yah for me! :oD Couple that with the fact that my design crit liked the start of my idea (shown in model form in class on Friday) and that should allow you to realize that I have been in pretty good spirits the last couple days. Oh, and also because Cute Boy is here! :oD

So now all I have to do to meet Monday's deadline is:

  • build a more advanced model of my idea (which means I may need to go to the store... without having a car, this is pretty difficult, lol)
  • draw two critical spatial sections - one for the horizontal axis and one for the vertical axis of my site


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